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    Have you ever just felt lost, and you don't know why? I've been feeling that for a couple of weeks now. Up becomes down. Right becomes left. In becomes out. Yes becomes no. And all of those, becomes vice versa.
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    Good Thursday morning, friends. This here below may be one of the strangest poems I've ever written. Long, too. In the middle of the night. Weird how those things happen, isn't it? Hope you're all have a great day!

    To Be Ready

    Once manipulation brings to the table something you do not recognize, what do you do with the leftovers? Do you take them with you? What do you do with the leftover voices, which have given you no choices? Do you accept them, or punish them? Let them become you?...  more
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    Notre Dame Cathedral

    These are my thoughts on the Notre Dame Cathedral. I’m sorry if I offend anyone with this, but these are just my thoughts.


    My water is filled with bad chemicals which make me sick. I vomit. I cry. I try. Can you help me find better water? It is only a few thousand to build a better well. Can you help?

    NO, CHILD. WE need to spend billions on a new cathedral. The cathedral is important.

    Oh. Okay. Well, by brother is about to die because of some kind of di...  more
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    Ah. Feels good to be able to get back in here! Netflix, FB and youme would not load for me the past couple of days because of slow g speed. I use my phone to tether my computer so I can use the internet because we don't have wifi out here in the middle of nowhere. But anyway, I updated my service and it's working again. I think Verizon just wanted more money is all.
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    Been having trouble with things loading here for the past couple of days, but now it seems to be working. I guess it was just a glitch? I'm not sure, but thank goodness it's over! Here...have some music. Try not snapping your fingers.

    From the self-titled debut album from Nathaniel Rateliff & The Night Sweats
    Video directed by Greg Barnes. Produced by Greg Barnes and Melissa Giles

    Order Nathaniel Rateliff & The Night Sweats today:
    iTunes: http://smarturl.it/NRatNSiTunes
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    Follow Nathaniel Rateliff & The Night Sweats:
    Official Website:...
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    Heading inside my head to drudge up a bit of writing, and using this for the shovel to get it started. Back in a few hours friends!

    Royal Stockholm Philharmonic Orchestra
    Sir Andrew Davis, conductor

    Painting: "Isle of the Dead", Arnold Böcklin
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    I messed up and spent the morning reading comments under various new articles. I've decided today will be a good "Bukowski Mood" day in order to survive it.
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    This is something I use to do on G when I was bored and feeling creative at the same time. GIVE ME A SUBJECT!! Sad, serious, funny, goofy, heart wrenching....whatever it may be, give me a subject to write a poem about tonight. It's still raining, and I have had a couple of drinks to get the ole brain oiled, but I can't seem to find a good subject tonight. Got anything for me? Anything you'd find interesting placed into a poem or prose or something like that?

    https://www.youtube.com/watch...  more
    I know that there are some mistakes in there, and I apologize for that, I didn't know any lyric sites at the time when I made this.
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    Current radar. Favorite kind of writing day.
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    I like rainy days and a cloudy haze.
    I like Lucifer and his demon, Maze.
    On GTA, I like to race,
    and punching people in the face.
    I like the bar, but not the crowd.
    I like my music turned up too loud.
    I like to fish, especially for bass.
    I don't like my neighbor, for he's an ass.
    I like the country, and I like the city,
    but I want nothing to do with society.
    I love to drink coffee,
    and beer, and liquor, and wine.
    Sometimes I forget how to rhyme.
    Oh. And tacos...  more
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    Good early Saturday morning, YouMe'ers! (Early for me, anyway. Not yet 7 a.m.) And you know what that means? Poetry! Most of my G friends knew if I was posting early early in the morning, it meant the poet inside my head was trying to get out, which meant several poems would be coming into the live stream throughout the day, rather good or bad. So...without farther delay...

    Madness Together

    Hello, you. How are you doing?
    No, not that you. The other you.
    The real you hiding behind ...  more
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    When I lost my G

    We all want a place to belong.
    Somewhere, somehow, someday.
    That one special place.
    A place where we can come together
    and be ourselves,
    and be around those
    who are also being themselves.

    Where do I belong?
    Where do you belong?
    Where do we belong?

    Maybe I am the Bojangles,
    who lost his shoes.
    Maybe I don’t have anything left to lose.
    Maybe I don’t have a clue.
    What to do?

    Where do I belong?
    Where is my song?
    Where has it gone?
    When is the new dawn...  more