• Lex Cameron
    ‘Wrong Sort Of Jews’
    Owen Jones . Even F*ing Wikipedia has the news before you and The Guardian.
    Real journalists would be finishing up their headline stories about now, ready for press.
    Owen The Ostrich/The Guardian. Long weekends for you PRETEND journalism types eh? In Africa, with your heads stuck in the sand? Or maybe you and a copy of the Guardian have climbed up into Jon Lansman's beard to hide. Safety in numbers?
    You've got yet another MEGA story (that you're CENSORING, like "The Lob...  more
  • Lex Cameron what is the The Church of England now?
    IMO, it appears to have become a high ranking arm of the Far Right Netanyahu Genocidal Israel unconventional war movement against The Public. COE doesn't even have to be paid (?), being a willing participant in propaganda and enforcement for Genocidal Israel.
    COE's role ranking it way above even the very problematic band of anticriticites, Genocidal Israel's Hasbara, the official massive battery of anticriticites, who know what they're doing is wron...  more
  • Lex Cameron
    I just realized that The Church of England is a "Hate On Steroids" anticriticite organization via "falsely" defining its parishioner (and its parishioners who do also) as anti-Semitic, and authoritarian style CENSORING its parishioner(s).

    Ref: previous post text from Saturday

    This one's another doozie....
    "<*> is set aside as secondary, and even inconsequential, compared to the weakest of antisemitism claims."
    The Church is gone. Who next?
    The Church Of England does not give a s*t about yo...  more
  • Lex Cameron
    Another doozie......
    """Launched by Reagan""" and "teamed with Thatcher.....", where the Right's OWNERS got serious about removing politics from The Public. America now ~100% dead. UK, only Corbyn's half of Labour standing in the way. Britain 3/4 dead.

    BAP - British-American Project.
    Today, It has a membership of over “1000 leaders and opinion formers”, drawn equally from both countries. It was conceived in 1982 by Nick Butler, a Labour Party insider of the old right and a research fellow at ...  more
  • Lex Cameron
    Finkelstein totally smashing the anticriticite Elite "anti-Semitism conspiracy" against Corbyn, and explains what'll happen if they succeed in knocking Corbyn out of his expected walk into No. 10 Downing St.
    In this extract from the 'Labouring Under Anti-Semitism’ episode of Renegade Inc, Norman Finkelstein addresses the claims of anti-semitism against the UK Labour Party.
    Watch Renegade Inc. here:

    ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

    Renegade Inc. provides its members with the content and connections that help navigate the ‘new...
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  • Lex Cameron
    Apparently today the owned press are focusing on James Joyce’s Ulysses as: "Jeremy Corbyn revealed in a 2016 Mumsnet Q&A that it has long been his favourite novel"
    The 16th of June keeps coming back to us, year after year, and it is BLOOMSDAY! In order for you to be able to enjoy James Joyce's classical modernist novel set on this day in Dublin, Michael Sommer and his Playmobil ensemble tried the impossible and summarised ULYSSES in only 18 minutes - and nearly all the subtleties have been preserved… DISCLAIMER: WATCHING THIS VIDEO DOES NOT REPLACE...
  • Lex Cameron
    Magical Genie at work again, having his Twitter buddy respond to Rees-Mogg...
  • Lex Cameron
    This one's another doozie....
    "<*> is set aside as secondary, and even inconsequential, compared to the weakest of antisemitism claims."
    The Church is gone. Who next?
    The Church Of England does not give a s*t about you. All it's interested in is money and power. In this case the regulations of power. "Protecting its parishioner had also become out of the question."

    The COE throws The British Public under the bus. Drives over it. THEN puts the bus in reverse and drives over it again just to make...  more
  • melanie Lee (Scarlet red)
    To all my old G+ buddies.... There are so many of us on MeWe. I am not using my Youme account... I found MeWe to be easier. I would love for you to try Mewe. Its not too bad.
    ???????????? Scarlet red - Melanie lee — with Greg X and 15 others.
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  • Lex Cameron
    I hear Rory Stewart's next, admitting he had a Big Mouth implant, to allow for swallowing of bigger mackerel than the Maybot when he's PM.
  • Lex Cameron
    Music video for Get Things Done performed by Little Boots.

    Director: Nova Dando
    Director of Photography: Yana Rits-Cairns
    Editor: Kelly Armstrong
    Producer: Robert Cairns
    Directors Assistant: El Pat
    FX: Fabien Soazandry
    Grade: Joseph Bicknell
    Art Department: Dale Slater
    Stylist: Hope Von Joel
    Hair & Make-Up: Holly Silius
  • Lex Cameron
    The US is funding a DisInfo Troll program on Iran AGAINST THE US PUBLIC. aka The US Public is paying to have itself lied to and indoctrinated with false propaganda........................... Holy Sh*t.......
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