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    I was approached by a cowboy yesterday and asked if I could help round up 97 head of cattle.

    Sure I said; Its 100.
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    The new James Bond movie will be called “No time to die” and will be released April 3rd 2020
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    As members may have noticed I posted recently about an attack on my bank account in which thousands of dollars were stolen.

    The bank believes that the theft was the result of a breech on Sonic (an American fast food chain) in 2017.

    This just proves that just because you haven't been compromised it doesn't mean that you wont be.

    Securlock Equip is a phone app which alerts you to credit card pending transactions in real time.

    If members were part of the Equifax data breech then you can obtain ...  more
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    Something for all members to think about while they post.

    If your profile does not include everyone then it is difficult for other members to interact with you.

    We know that (pending possible repair) the stream is broken. Sometimes I wish to comment on a post to find I cannot either comment or "like it." So I have a trick!

    I right click the posters name and go to their profile. There I find the post, comment and/or like and return to the original page.

    Some times I get this: " user only sha...  more
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    I have just taken out a loan for an exorcism.

    If I don’t pay it back I will be repossessed.
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    They’ll only care when it’s too late
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