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    To me this is the single most annoying issue because it severely limits the functionality of the website. Using chrome on my phone (Moto e4), I can scroll down but not up. If i try to scroll...
  • Sharon Beck
    Hi, been walking around this place. Found a few people from Google+. Glad I can stay in contact with you here!
  • dPhender Pete
    So what is the consensus on use of the thumbs down "dislike" button on here?
    If somebody shares bad news or a sad tale can I use it for that or is it tied to some kind of 'bad user' flag or an "I don't want to see this" option and only for that kind of use?
  • dPhender Pete
    Right. New here, so this is the inevitable intro/wtf post.

    Coming in from g+, so if you knew me there as dphender son then please let me know you're here.

    Confused that when creating the account it asked for a "user name" but then it doesn't let me use that to log in OR show it as a handle. Apparently it's a completely dead field. Bummer.

    Annoyed that when looking at the stream (or also at the "people" section), if I scroll past something and then decide I want to go back up two or three line...  more
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  • dPhender Pete
    I'm sorry that you are not pleased with your experience. As adulthood was purchased as a bundled package along with your complete subscription to Life™, which includes the modules Childhood ™, Adulthood ™, Old Age™, and Afterlife™, the entire series must be returned together. We cannot process only a partial return.

    If your experience has not been as pleasurable as you desired, please consider purchasing one of our certified add-on modules for a more complete experience. Your local sales offic...  more