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    George Clooney for United to Defeat Untruthful Misinformation And Support Science (UDUMASS) - With all the Information we have available today are we Dumber than ever before?

    We have way more information today, more quickly available, to many more people than ever before in our history. We should be the brightest and best-informed humans that ever lived on Earth. Yet we seem to have really conflicting ideas on health issues, diet issues, shooting up schools, abortions, climate change, gender ri...  more
    According to a new report from the United Nations, our planet is in worse shape than at any other time in human history. The Trump Administration has done everything they can to do nothing about climate change. They just don’t listen to scientists. A lot of people don’t. Scientific fact is suddenly seen as some kind of partisan scare tactic. It endangers us all, so George Clooney is...
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    Take a Sweet Peek Inside Paris’ Oldest Chocolate Shop - Founded in 1761 on rue du Faubourg Montmartre

    As the confectionery capital of the world, Paris has no shortage of candy shops. To succeed in a sea of macarons and madeleines, these confiseries must prove that they’re the cream of the crop—a feat that family-run chocolate shop À la Mère de Famille has continuously accomplished for two-and-a-half centuries.

    À la Mère de Famille was founded in 1761 by Pierre-Jean Bernard, a young grocer. Aft...  more
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    Here's the Biggest Steam Engine in the World Going on a Test Run For the First Time in Nearly 60 Years - Weighing in at over a million pounds producing 6,300 horsepower

    Union Pacific 4014, also known as the one of the only 25 Big Boys ever built and only eight still in existence, is now officially the only one running in the world. Earlier we heard it blow its whistle for the first time since 1962, and yesterday evening it went for its first test run under its own power for the first time in 57...  more
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    Berlin's "new" $8.5 billion airport is 15 years old and has never had a flight - How does this happen in modern times?

    I'd just have never believed this (and have not heard about this until today) that a country as efficient and organised as Germany could have a major initiative like this that just stalls every year for its opening. Even the desperate measure to "install manual fire alarms" never got the airport open. Some say it may just never open and may even be demolished. All I can say is...  more
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    Huge 9.2" disappearing gun dating back to 1880's was discovered under a demolished swimming pool at a B&B in Cape Town

    Disappearing guns are considered to be a uniquely British feat of military engineering, and Hart’s research has found very few of these cannon-sized ‘guns’ were used worldwide. According to documents found in the Western Cape Archives and Records Service, at least three disappearing guns were brought to the Cape from England. The New South Wales State Heritage Register mentions...  more
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    Takealot New Road pickup point tested by MyBroadband – An awesome experience for South Africans

    Takealot has launched dozens of pickup points across South Africa, including a flagship centre on New Road, Midrand. The New Road collection point is now open as part of a beta test before an official launch next month, and MyBroadband ordered a keyboard from Takealot to test the collection facilities.

    To collect an item, customers must select the collection option when checking out on Takealot. The...  more
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    Not sure if others have this but I have about 5 Collections but my Profile view only shows the top row of 3. Other Collections are visible.
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    Electric Razor
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    My biggest passion - anything relating to general technology and gadgets... This is a blog of my tech news articles that I find interesting and I curate them to stay on topic with about 2 to 3...
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    Rediscovering the pleasure of wet shaving with straight or DE blade razors. Also see my webpage on this topic at Traditional Wet Shaving webpage. It is being run as a Collection which means only...
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    This is a blog of my green tech & environmnet news articles that I find interesting and I curate them to stay on topic with about 1 to 3 posts per day. Anyone is free to commentand discuss the...
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    General health related news and LCHF news...   This is a blog of various articles that I find interesting and I curate them to stay on this topic with about 3 to 9 posts per month in this...