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    Antitrust: Commission opens investigation into possible anti-competitive conduct of Amazon

    The European Commission has opened a formal antitrust investigation to assess whether Amazon's use of sensitive data from independent retailers who sell on its marketplace is in breach of EU competition rules.

    As part of its in-depth investigation the Commission will look into:

    - the standard agreements between Amazon and marketplace sellers, which allow Amazon's retail business to analyse and use third...  more
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    EU-Canada summit, Montreal, Canada, 17-18/07/2019

    EU and Canadian leaders are meeting in Montreal to intensify EU-Canada relations and discuss future areas of cooperation.

    As like-minded partners, the EU and Canada will reaffirm their joint commitment to multilateralism and rules-based trade. They will reiterate their full commitment to the Paris Agreement, and they will call for further efforts to fight climate change.

    At the summit, leaders from both sides will discuss strategic cooperation...  more
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    Rule of Law: European Commission takes new step to protect judges in Poland against political control

    Today, the European Commission decided to take the next step in an ongoing infringement procedure against Poland, by sending a reasoned opinion regarding the new disciplinary regime for Polish judges.

    On 3 April 2019, the Commission launched this infringement procedure on the grounds that the new disciplinary regime undermines the judicial independence of Polish judges and does not ensure the ...  more
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    Irregular arrivals in the EU have decreased significantly since the peak of the migration crisis in 2015. Between January and June 2019, 35 000 irregular arrivals have been registered. The breakdown per migratory route is as follows:

    Central route: 3235 arrivals
    Eastern route: 21 515 arrivals
    Western route: 10 250 arrivals

    For more in-depth details, see
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    Total irregular arrivals to the EU have dropped from 1.04 million in 2015 to 137 080 in 2018. 35 000 people arrived irregularly in the EU in 2019 as of June.
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    471,560 lives saved since 2015

    Data as of 7 July 2019

    Dead and missing: 11,263 (as of 10 July 2019)

    4 EU operations are patrolling the Mediterranean to secure EU borders, target migrant smugglers, and rescue migrants at risk.

    Operation Indalo: 77 470 rescued
    Operation Themis (including figures from former Operation Triton): 254 717 rescued
    Operation Sophia: 44 916 rescued
    Operation Poseidon: 94 457 rescued
    Total saved: 471 560

    Starting date of each operation:

    Operation Sophia: 01/06/2...  more
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    Shaping the EU agenda for disability rights 2020-2030

    How have the current EU disability Strategy and other EU's policies and programs influenced the Latvian Disability policy?

    What could be changed or improved in the next EU Strategy 2020-2030?

    The European Economic and Social Committee (EESC) is organising a public hearing on "Shaping the EU agenda for disability rights 2020-2030" on 23 July 2019, 10:00-13:00 (EU House, Eiropas Savienības māja, Latvia) where the EESC will try to give an ans...  more
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    What matters most to you? From beachcombing to backpacking, surfing the internet to saving the world, living in the European Union provides endless opportunities to do what you love – wherever that may lead.

    Find out more here:
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    A young man dreams of travelling – but his grandparents resort to desperate measures to discourage him.

    The EU gives every EU citizen the opportunity to live, work and travel throughout the Union. Are you taking advantage of this benefit?
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    Economic, employment and fiscal policies: 2019 country-specific recommendations

    The Council issued its 2019 country-specific recommendations and opinions on the member states' economic, employment and fiscal policies.

    The overall objective of the recommendations is to encourage member states to increase their growth potential by modernising their economies and further strengthen their resilience.
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    2019 EU budget: Council adopts contingency measures for a no-deal Brexit

    The Council today adopted contingency measures on the implementation and financing of the 2019 EU budget in the event of a no-deal Brexit.

    The aim of the measures is to mitigate the impact of a no-deal scenario for funding in a wide range of areas such as research and agriculture.
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    The European Commission decided to register 3 new European citizens' initiatives: 'A price for carbon to fight climate change', 'Grow scientific progress: crops matter!', and 'Let's put an end to the era of plastic in Europe'.