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    "The objective of the #solutions list is to be inclusive, presenting an extensive array of impactful measures already in existence. The list is comprised primarily of “no regrets” solutions—actions that make sense to take regardless of their #climate impact since they have intrinsic benefits to communities and economies. These initiatives improve lives, create jobs, restore the environment, enhance security, generate resilience, and advance human health.

    In o...  more
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    #publicgood #politicalphilosophy #deregulation #populism #michaelsandel

    "The roots of the predicament go back to the 1980s. Ronald Reagan and Margaret Thatcher had argued that government was the problem and that markets were the solution. When they passed from the political scene, the center-left politicians who succeeded them – Bill Clinton in the US, Tony Blair in Britain, Gerhard Schroeder in Germany – moderated but consolidated the market faith. They softened the harsh edges of unfettered m...  more
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    "Shafiqah Hudson remembers the moment she realized something was off. She saw a tweet from an account she had never seen before: “#EndFathersDay because I’m tired of all these white women stealing our good black mens.” Something about the grammar—not to mention the idea that black women wanted to abolish Father’s Day because of interracial dating—just felt too cartoonish to be real. That day, Hudson, who tweet...  more
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    "Sanders: Thank you for that question. Is it your assumption that I believed in authoritarian communism that was in the Soviet Union? I haven’t, and I opposed it. I believe in a vigorous policy. You asked me about democratic socialism. Fair question, and let me answer it.

    I happen to believe that in the United States there is something fundamentally wrong when we have three families owning more wealth than...  more
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    speak low

    We could speak poetry,
    language languid with eloquence and charm,
    evoke meanings far beyond
    common conversation’s command.

    Spin me daring scenes and inspirations.
    Call my essence to imbibe shared meditations.
    Lean mean serene obscene,
    we careen floor, wall, ceiling,
    fulgent air of ecstasy’s semantic

    Speak low, my wondrous love.
    Echo within interstice of heart and mind.
    Lift magic’s metaphoric blind.
    Elicit ribbon binds of pure enchantment
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    #poetrymonth #earthday



    It’s not the landscape, but the ambiance.
    Emanant surroundings suggest fantasy motif.
    Just that evocative forest green, desert rose.
    Waft of lilac, vibrations of tidal reveries,
    cast off, buried. Reclaimed, exposed.

    Gracious glory.
    Terra spins through stories.
    Webs of sparkle and synapse
    suspend on delicate balance.
    Work and love,
    expression and assimilation.
    Venture in search of f...  more
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    #philosophy #dance #embodied #mobility #becoming

    ..."Our positions in the world and our relationships with ourselves and others are defined and transformed from within the radiant body. This is why a revolution of consciousness must be initiated through the body, to further affect all relationships among living matter. To enable an accumulation of common experiences, embodied knowledge must be recognized as a shared sensation by a multitude of bodies, historically and politically informed by th...  more
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    #poetrymonth #sacredearth #visionaryart #ezine #earthday

    It's really a simple story Beings find planet. Beings treat planet badly. Planet goes about her business. Beings start to realize that they need planet, and had best learn to make friends rather than futilely keeping up enmity.

    Gaea: A Ritual Performance

    layers of imagery, music, tribal drums, futuristic dreams

    Gaea was there, in the beginning. Gaea was all. Gaea was wise.
    How could we not have seen, in the blindness of pride, of ava...  more
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    #poetrymonth #giftinggaea #visionaryart #ezine #earthday

    Climate Change

    Steady chilly rain of
    irritations, build into pools of
    rage, a sea of tears.
    Paddling, that old canoe splinters through.
    Dreary, filthy floodwater, always needs bailing.
    I am sore with life,
    bruised, blood-stained, a sorry sight.
    I cry out to Gaea's strength, brutal acceptance.
    My body aches to mend in healing
    bend and release,
    graceful hypnotic
    dance, deeply breathing puissant sea air.
    Expanding horizons beck...  more
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    From third album,1978. Patti Smith group.Lenny Kaye-guitar and bass,Jay Dee Daugherty-drum, Ivan Kral-bass and guitar, Richard Sohl -keyboard.Video and photos by Robert Mapplethorp and Isabel Hegner
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    question authority - 420

    Why are drugs part of common culture?
    Why is weed part of youth culture?
    Kids aren’t held down and force fed pot smoke until they are hooked. It’s a great deal more than the simplistic label “peer pressure” implies.
    It is what we do, cultural norms.
    People want to get high together. If we saw that not a sin but a normal desire, why not educate ourselves, our kids in what these chemicals do?
    Not “no-no” negative emphasis, but useful information so we could best enjo...  more