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    *Where to from capitalism?*
    This article makes a number of good points, and starts off well, but unfortunately I feel that it flounders somewhat towards the end with its generalisations.
    From its line of
    "Let’s move beyond capitalism to live a better life. That doesn’t mean moving to full-blown communism and it doesn’t eliminate markets, as some claim. It means moving to a more democratic economy where we shift the beneficiaries of profit from the few to the many."
    I think it will see littl...  more
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    About ten minutes long, the description of "A down-on-his-luck lawyer awakes in a doorless room to find he's been selected to negotiate on behalf of the human race" sums this one up well.
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    Well, the first image of a black hole is out!
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    Cars that won't start if the driver isn't sober?

    They're talking about two potential ways:
    * A breath-based system would gather a whiff of a driver’s ambient breath
    * A touch-based system would analyze the touch of a driver’s finger

    Maintenance free for decades
    Can be set to a BAC level, not just zero-tolerance
    Fast sub-second detection
    Possible adaptation to THC

    I'm curious how the ambient breath doesn't get polluted by potentially very drunk passengers you're taking home.

    As with exis...  more
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    So in a recent article, Ex-Pixar chief Ed Catmull says 'my mind's eye is blind'. The article talks about how despite being the head of an animation studio, he had aphantasia, which means he cannot visualise mental images.
    Which lead to internal questions of what do people actually mean when they talk about visual imagery?
    I would have said I can imagine things, I just can't see things.
    Being able to visualise something like a chair, and see it move around as you mentally rotate it?
    I think...  more
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    Finland's national trial of a Universal Basic Income has reported that the participants experienced less stress and fewer financial worries than the control group, who remained on standard unemployment payments.
    It had already been reported that the UBI group were no more or less likely to end up employed.
    The group were paid a tax-exempt basic income of 560 euros per month.
    The experiences of participants was determined via a phone interview before and after, though the response rates were f...  more
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    This collection of 'Beautiful, Completely Made-Up Words That Describe Obscure Sorrows' is rather interesting, and *may* contain words that would actually be useable.
    All of them are nouns.
    I think I'm partial to Vellichor, the wistfulness of used bookstores, and Keta, images from the past that suddenly spring to mind.

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    Am I paranoid, or am I stupid?
    On the letterbox was a dropoff bag of lollies and chocolate eggs from a local highschool, wishing me a happy easter.
    Do I eat the foods?
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    So 2019 is the 40th anniversary of the original Alien film.

    And TIL Carter J Burke's role at the Company...
    Special Projects Director of the Special Services Division
    #Alien #Aliens