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  • melanie Lee (Scarlet red)
    To all my old G+ buddies.... There are so many of us on MeWe. I am not using my Youme account... I found MeWe to be easier. I would love for you to try Mewe. Its not too bad.
    ???????????? Scarlet red - Melanie lee — with Greg X and 15 others.
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    • Greg X
    • John Carroll
  • Katherine Schock
    I've added you to my stream! I will get more active here when G+ kicks the bucket, hope to interact with everyone soon! ;-))
  • Jason M
    1st post here! I'm a Google Plus (G+) refugee. (I'm also on pluspora & mewe).
    I'm adding people and geeting a feel for the site.

    1. If we were connected on G+, I will for sure add you here!

    2. I'm a sports fanatic, especially baseball (had a HUGE collection on g+ for baseball)

    3. I'm an "old mellinial" (meaning I am at the older end of the age ranger for a Mellinial lol)

    4. I'm a moderate w/a liberal bias

    5. I'm a Christian, but again, a moderate...not a hate filled, judgy fundeme...  more
  • Jason M