• John Victor
    Three three-player games in a sort of replay session last night: **Paladins of the West Kingdom**, **Shards of Infinity**, and **Drop It**

    Our second go at **Paladins**. We liked it and thought it was solid the first time, and the second play feels just as good. Although this was a weird one as we all scored pretty low (I thought it was just me as we played). After a couple of rounds I was getting things done, but the pace didn't feel as fast as before. No big combos. And it turned out the othe...  more
  • John Victor
    I noticed we didn't have a group about board games, so I went ahead and created one.

    I shared all my game posts to it, but it seems that there isn't a way to share it to a category within the group. But that's fine. Better our posts get put into the main thread than not posted at all!

  • John Victor
    All Boardgame discussion all the time!     What are your favorites? What's coming? What have you been playing? Let's hear it all!
  • John Victor
    Pretty fun game day yesterday. Got in a 4-player Biblios, 5-player Bunny Kingdom, and 3-player Prêt-à-Porter and Dungeon Draft

    We warmed up with Biblios as we were waiting for more players to show up. I've only played it once years ago, and maybe did slightly better this time, coming in second. I still find it weird that a game with large and colorful dice only uses them for scoring :p But I like it. Don't know what the strategy behind being good is, but I like it.

    While we were finishing up t...  more
  • John Victor
    Got in a nice extra long day of gaming yesterday with two sessions. One at the game shop, and the evening at the home our group plays at. Haven’t had a long session like that in a while. So nice.

    To fill time in the morning as we waited for a couple of players, got in a 4-player Century: Eastern Wonders, a partial 5-player Port Royal, and then split into two groups for a 3-player Paladins of the West Kingdom and 3-player Tapestry. Then finished the day with a 4-player Paladins game.

    Everyone b...  more
  • John Victor
    Last night at the shop we got in a 4-player game of Teotihuacan City of Gods.

    It was a new game for two of us, and we played with the variant boards. While the experienced players touted it as a heavy game, I found it not to be so in learning the rules. Sure it looks somewhat imposing with the size of the board and number of things on it, but I found it a rather straightforward game to learn. Lots of stuff to remember, but not hard to pick up. Even the planning didn't feel that heavy to me. I'd...  more
  • John Victor
    Two 4-player games last night: **Freshwater Fly** and **Chrononauts**.

    I picked up **Fly** on Kickstarter. It's a light strategy game of casting your line, hooking a fish, and reeling it in. This was my first full play of a game after doing a few solo learning rounds. We did mess up a few rules, but that's ok as it was just a learning game.

    Once you get used to the iconography and actions, rounds go pretty quickly. Which is good because you'll have to take a lot of actions to reel the fish in....  more
  • John Victor
    Sunday at the game shop and got 3 games played: **Ganz Schon Clever**, **Sagrada **and **Tapestry**.

    I played **Clever **once before with 4 or 5. It's a pretty good roll & write. This was a two-player game while waiting for others to arrive. It was a good reminder on how to play, and goes fast. At the end I won in every category but two: purple and foxes. Which ended up costing that game as my purple was only 5 points, which my single fox multiplied. But I didn't lose as bad as I expected. I ju...  more
  • John Victor
    These guys need more recognition.

    I could see them pairing with an artist like Lindsey Stirling for a song on stage.
  • John Victor
    For the first time since March I was able to make a Star Trek Attack Wing tournament.

    Because of illness and important commitments happening to land on our OP weekends, I've missed a ton and got pretty out of practice. I even forgot that we build to 130 points now, and arrived with a 120 point fleet using the old rules. Luckily our players are awesome and I got some last minute help to put a full fleet together.

    Since WizKids hasn't put out an official OP in a while, we've been doing our own m...  more
  • John Victor
    Got in two 5 player games last night: **Bunny Kingdom** and **The Quacks of Quedlinburg**

    Marched my bunny army into the **Kingdom**. Scores were actually moderate compared to our other 5-player games. Probably because we were introducing it to one of our players, and the rest of us were getting pretty terrible draws. I ended up in 4th, but 1st-4th were very competitive. Our player in last just took it as a learning game and was quite happy with how it plays, even when we sort of threw him into...  more