• John Victor
    Got in two 5 player games last night: **Bunny Kingdom** and **The Quacks of Quedlinburg**

    Marched my bunny army into the **Kingdom**. Scores were actually moderate compared to our other 5-player games. Probably because we were introducing it to one of our players, and the rest of us were getting pretty terrible draws. I ended up in 4th, but 1st-4th were very competitive. Our player in last just took it as a learning game and was quite happy with how it plays, even when we sort of threw him into...  more
  • John Victor
    Spent the weekend helping out my LGS at StocktonCon.

    The first day was really slow as we didn't get much sold, or get to play many games. What especially hurt was that we got a smaller space this year, and they had put our tables in front of where our shelves would be. We hadn't considered that when people were sitting at the tables, others could get through to our shelves. It also didn't help that people constantly used our tables as a place to sit and eat, even when we have signs saying they'...  more
  • John Victor
    Last week got in three player games of **Pulsar 2849** and **Dragon Castle**

    Only my second play of **Pulsar** and I'd forgotten how action starved this game is. It's so important to get extra dice as often as possible. Even if the number isn't optimal, it's usually worth getting at least something, unless you really need to save extra dice (like on your personal tech tree) for another round.

    I'll also remember how important it is to focus on just a couple of scoring methods. There are so many...  more
  • John Victor
    It's a bit inside, but fairly accurate.
  • John Victor
    **Dog eyes have evolved muscles to communicate with humans **

    Basically, over the thousands of years of domestication, dogs have evolved the ability to raise their eyebrows. This elicits emotional responses from us humans who are biased to preferring things that remind us of us. And the evidence is a muscle they've developed that their most similar species, wolves, do not have.

    So, puppy eyes are a real thing. Although I didn't know ...  more
  • John Victor
    Going to reach out to my fellow 3D printers.

    I’m still relatively new to things, but have done a number of successful prints. This is the first time I’ve come across this issue as it’s the first time I’ve tried printing what are essentially walls.

    In the first two photos, the long axis of the print is along y-axis. The rippling only appears on the left half of the front side. The back is perfect.

    In the second pair of photos I rotated the print 90 degrees. So now the long axis is along the x-...  more
  • John Victor
    ### **Monogamy in the genes**

    Just after I come across the bald eagle webcams, I see this article with eagles right up front.

    Now, to be clear, they study doesn't consider exclusivity as monogamous. The members of the life-mate species still had flings and offspring from them. Evolutionary this makes sense as it promotes genetic diversity.

    What they considered as monogamy were pairs that remained toge...  more
  • John Victor
    I really enjoy using Spritzlet to read through webpages quickly.

    Now they're moving to a subscription model. Which is perfectly fine. I really don't use it enough to justify the price. So I figured I'd just settle for restricted speed.

    But not 100 words per minute. I tried it, and it feels like the words just hang there. I could read it faster normally.

    I honestly don't understand why it's so restricted. It's not going to sell newcomers on paying for the product. They'll see no benefit from t...  more
  • John Victor
    ### **The archaeological importance of urine**

    Using the amount and varieties of salt crystals left behind to determine the number of people and animals over time as we transitioned from hunter/gatherers to farmer/ranchers.

  • John Victor
    ### **Suicide to save the colony in a very literal immune response**

    Aphids literally use their own immune systems to repair damage to their homes. Using the same mechanisms they'd use to clot a wound with a scab.

    Think of it this way. When a hole is opened in your skin, your body releases chemicals to quickly and temporarily clot the wound. Then other chemicals to form a stronger more...  more
  • John Victor
    I am currently watching two bald eagle livestreams. I'm not sure why, but they're simultaneously fascinating and somewhat relaxing.

    The cam out of Big Bear is watching because of newly hatched chicks.

    The upper Mississippi cam is following for two reasons. Older chicks, and a rare trio family. Two males and a female. It's an interesting story (she isn't the first female of the group) in a link on their description.  more