How vacuum cleaner and carpet steamer are different from each other?

Cleaning the carpet is no doubt a very important task which needs proper attention. So, while cleaning you should choose the best way. Here we are going to discuss what is the difference between a vacuum cleaner and carpet steamer.

• The carpet steamer is basically a type of vacuum but with the additional functionality of providing the steam. The vacuum Cleaner does not provide this functionality as they can only sweep off the bacteria and dust. If you are looking to hire a professional than select the Best Carpet Cleaning Company in Melbourne.

• Moreover, some carpet steamer has a suction mechanism so that excess water can be extracted once the carpet is cleaned. With a vacuum cleaner, this thing is not possible.

• The size and cost of the vacuum cleaner are small as compared to carpet steamer. Before buying make sure you purchase something which you can afford. They will be heavier also and you should also have space to store them properly.

• The carpet steamer can be used on the type of carpet. Additionally, they can remove the allergens, kill bacteria, mold, and fungus. The vacuum cleaner can also clean the carpet but they provide the same functionality.
No doubt, whichever method you choose the results will be best. Also, make sure you hire a professional as they will guide you in the best way.
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