Rainy Alice Advisory

Hi! You know, this thing started just as I reached an annual or maybe semi-annual hermit phase. Now and then I just switch off a lot of the outside world and spend time enjoying all my things; books, records, maybe super old videos of life as I only dimly remember it, and in spring there's the yard to maintain and the gardening to focus on. And sometimes my super old cookbooks want me to make things from them. I'm behind on quilting projects!
PLUS my d key doesn't work most times. I have an external keyboard from the Bondi Blue iMac era that works very well (hm, I think it might be the Blueberry from the next era, but is still quite old,) but plugging it into little Air and finger-stamping on the giant tall keys is pretty much a drag. I am typing this pasting in d as I go. 

I checked out eleven Doonesbury books from the library, from the mid 70s to early 80s, which is when I was following Trudeau most and learning a lot about politics and political culture; it dovetailed with interests I'd developed early on and gave me jumping off points for further study, which I did do because I have always liked studying. These books have strips collections from a few months of daily comic pages, so they follow an annual progession. But last night as I was reading one of my favorites, As The Kid Goes For Broke, (you can borrow it at archive.org but some of it requires previous context) I remembered going back to the beginning of the strip via larger volumes, and I think I might revisit the Watergate era again through them. 
If you are interested in revisiting Watergate, there's a lot of original stuff on YouTube; news reports from the time and so on. I spent four days on that back in early winter. 
Song in my head when I woke this morning: a repeat, "Do I Wanna Know" by Arctic Monkeys. Worthy. It's on a recent mixtape iHeartRadio put together for me that you can see here
Weather data: Well, it's been raining off and on but mostly on for...24 hours? Or nearly. I'd call this current rain steady rather than light, was buckets yesterday afternoon, though. And so it's chilly today and for the next few days; I'll have to stop putting off finishing a quilt I made a few months ago. 

Blinding Me With Science: Here's a brief article on detecting small gravitational waves which in theory exist forever. The idea is that every single thing which happens leaves behind something measurable. Obviously, most of it wouldn't be interpretable without context, but it's a neat idea. And figuratively speaking, something to consider when you see effort someone else has made and wishes to share with you and others. If you have absolutely nothing to say other than you don't like it, is that really something you need to say at all? The person you say it to will not forget it as easily as you do. 


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