The Alice Advisory: Monday Miscellany

It's grim outside today! We had a cool weekend after a hot week. And next we're going to have a hot weekend after a cool week. Sort of. Basically the week comes in like late March and goes out like late June. I'm not sure I know what proper May is here, after nearly nine years. Maybe this is it, though. Last year April felt like winter and May felt like the middle of summer, so I'm not complaining. We have had some real spring this year, which I like for, you know, getting outside things done and growing greens. 
For all but six years of my life, I've lived on the same latitude, but other things affected the climate and weather. In the Kansas City area, the colds are colder and the hots are hotter, and when it's wet it's very wet and when it's dry it's very dry, but it's much sunnier all year round. In New Jersey, it was milder, and rained every third day, but was still fairly sunny most of the year. Here in Cincinnati, it's not as cold in winter as KC can be, but just as hot in summer. It rains less than in NJ but will rain just buckets for hours and hours. And it is one of the least sunny places in the country. I miss sunshine. 
Song in my head this morning: "Rock Your Baby" by George McCrae, and this countdown gives me an answer I wondered about for awhile; why did I mix up that song with "Rock the Boat" when I was a kid? They were popular at the exact same time along with two other songs beginning with the word rock, that's why. Only if I'd seen this video at the time I guess I wouldn't have been confused, because Young George represented it very well. And if it sounds like a KC and the Sunshine Band song to you as well, that's because it is, and this Wikipedia entry has some fun facts for you. 
Weather data: (click on the image for the rest of the week) currently 50º/10º and not going a lot higher. The tomatoes and peppers won't like tonight's low temp, however, mine are in containers in an area that gives them a sort of pocket climate; they won't get that cold.

Everywhere I've lived (Kansas City and suburbs east and west of it, two areas of Michigan, two areas of New Jersey, Cincinnati,) and everywhere I've traveled and been online, people say things like, "Only in [MY] city" about weather or traffic  or some little quirk they think they possess, but it isn't only. If you've ever said, "If you don't like the weather HERE, just wait a day, lol!" you are not saying anything I haven't heard everywhere else. You need to take more road trips.
Each region does have some onlys, of course. This comic essay covers a few unique points about Cincinnati. I have an old neighbor, born in the 1920s, who says "please" to mean, "I didn't catch that," and people do say "excuse me" for that elsewhere.
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