The Alice Advisory: It Was A Very Good Year

don't have all the energy I need for online social time; I got a part time job that is physically taxing, and it's during my peak energy hours. But I was thinking of you and wanted to take some time on my day off to share some pleasant thoughts. 
I meant to post this with a photo of my lilies in bloom for my birthday, but they haven't quite opened yet; they need a few more hours. So I'll get one later. Also, I saw in today's news brief a mention of the new moon today, which is sort of neat, like it's the beginning of a lunar cycle at the beginning of a new solar cycle for me. I enjoy that sort of serendipity. 
Also also, I have watched some interesting Cold War and warnings for nuclear disaster lately, which I will share soon. But not today, gotta center my thoughts better. 
Song in my head when I woke this morning: "A Taste of Honey" probably should be the Herb Alpert, but I hear Bobby Darin singing, so. Here you go!
Weather data: basically perfect—partly cloudy, meant to be a high close to 30 C, 85 or so F. But it's been cooler for a couple days so the pool water is probably too cold to enjoy. The landlord took out the heater just before we moved in eight years ago, which is sad. And silly. This is Ohio, not Georgia. Anyway, and then we have chances for thunderstorms the next six days. 

 I got the pool open and ready a little early this year because most of May was hot. And now we're in for yet more rain, but what can you do?
It was a very good year: I don't say that lightly at all. I can't think of a better year in that era or some of the others to have been born, all full of hope and promise and potential. I am sorry for those of you who were not. It was a pretty good week to have been born, too, though not a good week for news on Vietnam. 
People my age mostly had parents who were born during the Depression or WWII, who are now referred to as part of the "Silent Generation." My youngest son entertained a very loose theory awhile back about their generation, mine, and his, currently called Z, but also being referred to by some as the new silent generation. Mine, of course, was called X by people who thought it was hard to define, which might be true, but was also pretty dismissive, which says something. Anyway, he saw it as a line of people who take in the chaos and drama of the people who came just before and after them and shake their heads in annoyance. It feels kind of true to me. 
There are actual articles comparing the Silents and New Silents to Baby Boomers and Millennials. Naturally, little mention is made of the bridge between them. We both like it that way and are put off by it. 
Anyway, here's Frank Black with "I Heard Ramona Sing," which sums up some things pretty well. You have a splendid day, you hear?
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