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I have a blog online, & pages on other social media sites. I thought maybe I could share a personal blog on youme.social. On my other blog, it covers many subjects, mostly because I went through a "waking up" since 2014.  What I mean is that I am a late bloomer, so to speak. Like my mind woke up to the world and began craving knowledge other than business, religious endoctrination. I have a poor memory due to health, which limits me. But, wow, learning & sharing new things has been a bit exciting, since others found some of what i am interested in, interesting, too. What do I find interesting? Biotechnology, New Energies, Behavioral Science, DIY, The Arts, Science, Space, Mars Terraforming, Healthy Foods (especially when displayed as tasty art), Music Mixes, Writing, Climate Change, Extinction News, Pet Care, Environmental, Ancient Facts, Origins, Creating Abstracts, Fashion, Self-Help, Grand Architecture, Minimalism & Tiny Houses, Jewelry Design, Causes, Volcanoes-Earthquakes-Tsunamis, Info Gathering for Comprehensive Lists, Modern Morality, God w/o Religion, World Events, Humor, Electromagnetism, Sky Anomalies, Children's Book Writing/Illustrating, Mini Animated Films, Video making, Gardening, Sustainability. I don't usually blog about Politics or Religion. 
I think when I was given my first tablet, that really helped my A.D.D. because I am just a spot-reader and had actually stopped reading for a long period. The tablet allowed audio read back stimulating me to read again. Reading is pivotal to learning and growth. The tablet woke my brain back up. If you have CFS, you will understand brainfog. If you know someone with a chronic illness who is in their own world and not sociable, give them a tablet. Help set apps up for them on the device. This can widen their world and actually expand their brain.
Today, is my introduction. Tomorrow, I begin blogging. I have some true stories that I haven't shared and need to unload. It will be on the topic of Behavioral Science, people types I never encountered until the last 7 years. Seriously, I think you will find it mind-boggling my experiences. If I am brave enough to disclose those... well, then, this blog will continue.
Posted in Self promotion on June 22 2019

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