Wal Mart Nazi's (Panzer division destroyed)

So.... Every weekend I travel to Oklahoma to pick up my son and every weekend we stop at the local Wal mart here to pick up soda's and anything the house needs that wasn't picked up on shopping.
In the last month there has been a change of policy at our local store, you now cannot leave without having your goods and the receipt checked.... Where we checkout is right next to the door where one of these little Hitlers does their best to wreck your weekend. It's a distance of about 8 feet and we can see them etc.
So today we went through the usual routine and because we were talking we left our reusable bag at the checkout.
Upon being accosted by the gestapo on the way out I realised and had my son go back to collect it (He's 16.)
I turn horrified to see him having to wrestle with a storm trooper in a high viz jacket for OUR gear!
That was enough.... I went back through the store (because customer no service is always the opposite end and asked for a store manager.
Of course (on my way) because it passes another exit we were again pinned to the wall by another escaped war criminal!
When a passing shopper heard what was going on she joined us and confessed to writing a two page letter of complaint on the same subject yesterday.
I unleashed a verbal tirade on the store manager (which included a nazi salute) and made it very plain that I did not believe her story of "corporate policy as none of the other local stores were doing the same.
She was also told that I would be shopping elsewhere in future! This earned me a thumbs up from the other shopper which I made sure the manager saw.
Because you know what?
I am not a thief and it insults me to be treated as one even by implication and my son shouldn't have to wrestle with Herman Goering for the return of goods bought and paid for.
As to the first Panzer commander? They did their job so well they didn't even notice that items were missing from the receipt!
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Posted in Personal Growth on July 06 2019

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