What are YouMe Social's Copyright rules?

    Copyright Rules for YouMe Social.

    YouMe Social is based in the European Union and as such must abide by EU law. I have just got off the phone with the EU's citizens helpline - Europe Direct, https://europa.eu/european-union/contact_en which provides information on various aspect of the European Union.

    These laws are not just applicable to YouMe Social but to every website that exists that is either based in the EU or has members in the EU. As a general rule, what applies in the EU is generally adopted by websites to apply in other countries as well. For YouMe Social, this will apply to ALL members of the site.


    The current situation is that each member state has its own laws regarding copyright. That's 28 nations with 28 potentially different laws. In terms of photos, images and memes, the regulation that is used across the European Union doesn't truly cover these items.


    The current EU laws and associated links can be found here: https://ec.europa.eu/digital-single-market/en/eu-copyright-framework


    The European Union's proposed new law on copyright does not prohibit members from sharing content online.

    Point 3: Are the new copyright rules limiting users and their freedom online?

    The Copyright Directive* does not limit online freedom, nor does it target users and their behaviour online, including the possibility for them to upload and share content. Freedom of expression is one of the fundamental rights recognised by the European Union, as is the protection of intellectual property.
    To take one example: the new rules* applicable to the use of press publications online will only apply to commercial services such as news aggregators, not to users. This means that internet users will continue to be able to share such content on social media and link to online newspapers.

    Point 4: Will the Directive impose upload filters online?

    The text of the political agreement does not impose any upload filters nor does it require user-uploaded platforms to apply any specific technology to recognise illegal content.

    Point 5: Will the Copyright Directive prevent users from expressing themselves on internet in the same way as now? Will mems and GIFs be banned?

    No. On the contrary, according to the political agreement, uploading memes and other content  generated by users for purposes of quotation, criticism, review, caricature, parody and pastiche (like GIFs or similar) will be specifically allowed. Users will be able to continue to upload such content online, but the new rules* will bring clarity in this respect and will apply in all EU Member States.
    Until now, copyright exceptions allowing these uses were only optional and Member States were free not to implement them. Under the new Copyright Directive*, this will no longer be the case: once the Directive* is approved, Member States will be obliged to allow these uses. This is a particularly important step for the freedom of expression online.

    You can read the whole Q&A here: https://ec.europa.eu/digital-single-market/en/faq/frequently-asked-questions-copyright-reform 

    YOUME SOCIAL POLICY - open for discussion till 25th March 2019 and then effective from 26th March 2019.

    This will apply regardless of whether the proposed new EU law is adopted or not. If it is adopted and/ormodified, we will assess our own processes to comply with the changes, and members will be advised accordingly.

    YouMe Social shall assume that any images, photos and memes are owned by or the person has permission to share the content on our site. As such, we accept no responsibility should a copyright dispute arise from the shared photos, images or memes. 

    However, in any copyright dispute that does arise, YouMe Social shall act as an impartial arbitrator and will following the guidelines outlined below:

    1. The person or entity claiming a copyright violation, must produce evidence that the work is theirs. If the evidence provided is not satisfactory, YouMe Social shall advise the claimant of this. This is to be done via email to copyright@youme.social
    2. The person or entity must also provide a direct link to the challenged post that is on YouMe Social
    3. Should the person or entity fail to provide point 1 and 2 to YouMe Social, the claim shall be denied and the post shall remain active on our site.
    4. If points 1 and 2 are adhered to, YouMe Social will then notify the member who may have violated copyright law and advise them of the dispute within 24 hours.
    5. The member shall then have the option to lodge a counter copyright claim in which they state that they own that photo, image or meme, and provide evidence accordingly, within 24 hours of YouMe Social's notification. The email YouMe Social receives from the member will then be forwarded to the claimant, and as such both parties will be aware of each other's email addresses.
    6. Should point 5 eventuate, the member and the person/entity who both claim copyright shall attempt to resolve the issue between themselves.
    7. Once a resolution to the copyright issue is found between the two parties, both parties must notify YouMe Social of that decision within 24 hours.
    8. If the copyright violation is agreed to by both parties, YouMe Social shall then remove the photo,image or meme from the site within 24 hours of receiving the notification.
    9. No future copyright claim shall be accepted from the claimant and member on that photo, image or meme.

    We have tried to make this as fair as possible for all parties while making dispute resolutions as quick as possible as well. 

    Our site's Terms of Service will be updated shortly to reflect the above.

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