Acceptable Content on YouMe Social

    What is acceptable content on YouMe Social?

    For all YouMe Social members - the rules of the site.

    Updates, acceptable content and shortcuts as at 13th of March.

    In brief: no porn, no child porn, no hate speech, no harassment/intimidation/threats, no spamming either publicly or via messages, no solicitation of any kind, no "single ladies looking for long term relationship ... chat to me" type profiles [you know the kind] and no posts with multiple embedded links to other sites which are aimed at either selling stuff or gathering personal details. Any of the above WILL get you banned and reported to the authorities [if necessary].

    Need help or have a question? Contact either myself or YouMe Social Admin ... I am online between 6am London time till around 9pm London time, seven days a week. YouMe Social Admin's hours vary. Or send an email to

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