TDB Gryffyn Circles. The best thing about G+. Facebook has Lists, but doesn't really push or publicize them and not sure they work exactly the same. Being able to post to multiple discrete audiences is amazing. Being able to put a friend into multiple groups is good. And G+ killed Extended Circles ages ago. That's how I found most of the awesome people I got to know really well. The magic of Extended Circles is that it's NOT Public, which means you don't get as much spam bot attention, but it's stuff visible to friends and friends of friends so you don't need to rely on comments to see friends of friends. They can find you by virtue of you having mutual friends. It's a very organic and nice way to meet new people.

Sharing options would be Public, Circles (anyone in any of your circles), Extended Circles (anyone in yours or your friend's circles) or specific circles (multiple possible). Collections was ok too, but I can live without them if I can share to circles.

In addition, controlling what you see in your feed based on circles (show everything, some some, show none from this circle) is nice.

And I would absolutely love email notifications, containing the content of the post/comment/etc. I visit G+ often, but I do'nt want to miss anything and the easiest way for me to handle that is to quickly go through Gmail emails. It's different than scrolling through a feed and notifications on a social site. Stuff can sit in my email for years and I can still get back to it easy.

Thank you! This is a really interesting start to a good looking platform.

on January 24 at 02:08 AM