I know this will spark some controversy but I propose to remove the "friendship" feature from YouMe.social
The online "friendship" concept is (in my opinion) a totally wrong thing from day one on. It doesn't surprise that Facebook had this as the only opportunity to connect for a long time :)

When I discovered Google+ I was mainly(!) impressed by the circles concept which was kind of a "grouped subscriptions" concept at its heart - purely a pull functionality for content.

Also Google+ made the mistake to introduce the "show your contacts what you plus" feature but most users quickly got around it by disabling it. For me that's the ultimate proof that people don't like to get content pushed to their stream without their consent.

Back to "online friendship":
My personal view on this is that I strongly dislike to get invitations from strangers to become their "friends". The friendship relation is bidirectional - I automatically follow the other person and the other person follows me.

I prefer to decide who I want to follow.
I want to follow persons, topics, hashtags, collections etc. - all this based on my interests and my time contingent.
The bidirectional "friendship" also has an emotional aspect - I already got many angry reactions when "unfriending" people because their posts were not interesting for me. There is a lot of social pressure *not* to do this.
And I don't like to get social pressure - I don't think that anybody likes it.

As it happens I already got the first friend requests here because I liked some posts - people I never met and the only thing I know about them is that they had at least one post here that interested me. And of course they don't simply follow me which would be the simplest thing to do if my work is of interest to them.

To summarize:
- I see not a single reason why the "friendship" feature would be a good thing.
- For me personally it's annoying to get friend requests from strangers
- The online "friendship" destroys the meaning and value of the word "friend" also in the real world.

So here is my proposal to remove this and only provide follower features.
And never implement something that pushes content to users streams.
With kind regards,
Frank Tegtmeyer