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Beautiful Pictures

This collection of photos began with the "Scenic Beauty / Wonders of Nature" category on Progressive Thought Leaders community of Google+.  Some animal pictures were mixed into the bunch before being separated into their own category.  For now, we will feature scenes of nature, scenic towns, people with inner beauty, animals, and just about anything you find beautiful in reality.  Before posting, please check out our group rules:

●We are in growth mode, so members can post unlimited pictures.
●Please wait until you have three or four pictures to post, rather than individual pictures.  The three-picture or four-picture grouping will fill up the screen.  When you post pictures in groups of three four, the last picture in the group will be enlarged on display, and the others will appear on the side.

●Please avoid promoting other groups and pages in this community.

●Photos showing violence, abuse, cruelty, and sexy women pics are strictly not allowed.

●No link attachments, outside or inside a photo. Strictly No advertisements.

●Photos with philosophical writings (inscriptions) should be posted in the Thinkers group instead.

●No selfies, No personal & family pictures, No quotes, No videos.

●Blurred, SMALL, inappropriate, unsuitable, and poor quality photos will be removed.

We'll be glad to see your BEAUTIFUL PICTURES!


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