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Ramblings from the Universe, touched by human insanity.

Written words, poetry, thoughts from the ether of the universe filtered through the human mind. 



  • Richard William Gillaspie Jr
  • Richard William Gillaspie Jr
    While I do not find accurate description,
    in any scripture or doctrinal rendition,
    I perceive a divine existence,
    defined by no single insistence,
    yet apparent all the same.

    Religion is a human invention,
    ideally a tool of convention,
    to bring a people's spirit together,
    in common purpose to weather,
    the challenge of life's game.

    Perception of a divine spirit,
    some say a voice, they hear it,
    some see a vision, or dreams,
    just a feeling to others, it seems,
    but in the human psyche remains.

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  • Richard William Gillaspie Jr

    What is meant when one says I know...?

    If I have met you, I might say I know you, or perhaps I'll hesitate and say, no I've met.
    If our relationship grows over time then the likelihood of me saying I know you grows.
    Even if I have a long standing relationship and have a fairly intimate knowledge of who you are, I'm still limited by my perception and understanding of that knowledge.
    These limits are magnified with online relationships. What I know of you could be a complete facade. How ...  more
  • Richard William Gillaspie Jr
    A quote to remember

    "If you and I understand, that we do not understand one another,
    we understand each other better, than if we do not understand,
    we do not understand one another."
  • Richard William Gillaspie Jr
    Love expressed in eternal spiritual creative fashion is, imo, the essence of Creation. The chaos of this expression, through evolutionary process, gives rise to existence of the physical reality we perceive.
    No, I have no proof, this a projection of my perception. It fits with what I have experienced and learned in my life. Truth as I see it.
  • Richard William Gillaspie Jr
    When we teach love, instead of hate.
    When we open, instead of close the door.
    When we endure, not rising to the bait.
    When we see, instead of ignore.

    'Tis the small things seeming insignificant,
    That tally, in the final score.

    @ RWG Jr
  • Richard William Gillaspie Jr
    Truths of opposition.
    In comparison to the physical universe I am an insignificant speck.
    The spiritual perspective reveals that I am the universe, as it is expressed through me.

    @ RWG Jr
  • Richard William Gillaspie Jr
    Many profess Christianity, far less express it in their daily life, imo.
    I am Christian, but I do not believe only Christians will inherit eternity. I do not limit the expression of the Creator's spirit, to one people's record or one book of scripture. I am ashamed of the spirit shown by some, who claim the mantle of Christianity, yet set themselves in judgment of other's.
    What good does it, to profess the faith, yet show not the love and compassion, of the spirit?
    As I understand it, Jesus...  more
  • Richard William Gillaspie Jr
    Oh Creator, blessings on those who are your voice.
    Let love be the guiding force in all endeavors.
    Dispel the fears that grip so many, let love replace them.
    Open hearts that your spirit may shine forth, and love guide us in our life practice. May we join in building peace.
    I open this communion that all may join in world prayers.
  • Richard William Gillaspie Jr
    Thoughts on the spiritual.

    Spiritual awareness is obviously a subjective experience, unique to the individual.
    We have a host of religious ideologies and affiliations attesting to some description of such.
    Some envision a spiritual reality, undetected by human physical senses. This can be populated by entities from one all encompassing being, to all manner of expressed imagination.
    Some perceive a harmonic resonance of sorts, a connection on some "deeper" level to the whole of existence.
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  • Richard William Gillaspie Jr
    A random ramble,
    from the scramble,
    of whispers in my brain.Will I ever know,
    which way to go,
    as the cold winds blow,
    across the plain,
    of windswept snow....  more
  • Richard William Gillaspie Jr
    Way I see it.
    To have peace, one must have love.
    Love for self, even what one doesn't particularly like about self. This will give inner peace. We then can nurture it to bloom and spread spiritual seed that can grow in the hearts of others.
  • Richard William Gillaspie Jr
    It seems we neglect,
    and take for granted,
    we should respect,
    what has been planted,
    in the hearts and minds,
    of our fellow beings,
    a glimpse of the Divine,
    we may be seeing.

    @ RWG Jr