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I'm surprised to see that YouMe hasn't something for us writers and authors.  You may debate the distinction between the two. This is a place to discuss the craft of writing, be it fiction or non-fiction. Post some short excerpts of novels or short stories.  Word count for the reader online is best if kept under 2,000 at a time. If a poster doesn't ask for critique, then just give your impression as to how you feel about the submission. Even if it's horrible. If it's good, encouragement is welcome.
If the post does ask for critique, be kind and constructive. We would like this to be a safe place for timid writers to test out their work.  
In joining up, I'd like to suggest some guidelines.
1.  If you have some work that you're proud of, by all means, link out to it.  Self-promotion is okay if tasteful.
2.  Don't attack the writer for what's in the work.  Essays and some directed fiction will run cross-grain to our own views.  Comment on how it was written and not so much on the content.  There are plenty of other groups and sites that will cater to political, racial and religious haters or lovers. 
3.  Keep profanity out of the comments.  I would prefer out all together but people will argue foul language is part of the pathos of certain genres.  If that is your feeling then, by all means, go for it. I don't know how this site handles profanity.  I suspect as it matures it will censor bad language, at least in comments as many other sites do.
4.  I haven't seen a poetry site but this group is not for poetry even though it is a fine venue for writing.  Poetry has such a strong following it overwhelms a writing group in no time.  Please post poems to a poetry group or start one. 
5.  This group is not a place for book reports other than your own. 
Let's start with that and see where we go. 
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  • Prue Stopford
    Joining the group, if I may. I always enjoy the company of fellow authors
  • laurie corzett
    Hey compatriots, I thought you might like to check out this forum, which I have enjoyed for several years.
    It seems to have gotten slow just now, so maybe you would enjoy infusing new blood, sweat and tears (you know, your creative conversation).

    Delectable Mnts
    Salon Chat for writers


    from the welcoming statement:

    “Welcome, everyone, to the board. By way of an intro let me explain the board's name, Delectable Mnts.

    E.E. Cummings coined ...  more
  • Emmett Hall
    The Gun

    James Levitt didn't lift his feet any higher than it was necessary to clear the ground for each step. It had been already twelve miles today, and he wanted to take advantage of the flat high plains to make as many miles as they could. The foothills were growing larger by the step.

    As Captain of the train, he always took the lead and could hear the creaking of the wagon behind him and six more after that. He didn't need to turn around to know his daughter and wife with ox lead in ...  more
  • Emmett Hall
    The Vantage

    The doors revealing the vessel slowly slid open. Despite the noise insulation the twin doors still produced a low rumbling, a vibration across the complex and countryside. Everyone for miles around knew that a launch would be happening within a few weeks.

    The command crew stood outside watching. Orla Killian always waited until the doors fully extended and locked in place with a resounding thunk before entering. She enjoyed watching the Vantage reveal her majesty slowly as the...  more
  • Emmett Hall
    A case for writers groups

    Last night a friend brought by his critique of my first novel beta read. He has excellent insights and a quick mind. He liked my book. Ha… I knew I liked him for a good reason. I'll call him Ralph for the sake of privacy.

    Ralph is a relatively new member to the local writing group. I joined the group a little over three years ago. We talked for several hours about our work. I appreciated his coming by as I'm still recovering from surgery and haven't been able to atten...  more
  • Emmett Hall
    A Lost People - Flash Fiction ~ Picture by Temple of the Mahdi by artist Finnian MacManus

    “What do you think happened here, Doctor Refat?” Zimbolt asks as they gently sway to the rhythm of camel’s stride.

    “Nothing untold, my dear fellow. What you see is the ravages of time brought on by morbidity of trust and faith.”

    “You think these people were brought low by a disease?”

    “No, you missed the metaphor. Not a disease of the body, but of the mind. It didn’t happen overnight. But it did...  more
  • Dave Higgins
    This might be of interest to members.
  • Emmett Hall
    To prime the pump for this group. Here is a thought I had posted elsewhere.
    For those that see this on my timeline, go to the group and comment. Join if you like.


    I can't believe that 'you' can't read with the same level of interest I wrote it in! How is it you can't see around the corner I invented to know what is in store for my characters?

    Actually, I can believe both. I'm guilty of assumption.

    I assumed that if I know what I'm writing, you will too. As a fledgling novelist, j...  more