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This community is about the list of streams that is pinned at the top (pinned/featured
post), and that are known to be totally commercial free music, ad free music, and
no talk music as best we can get, void of any corporate interruptions to sell their
junk. and can be heard 24/7 either in your browser or OpenSim virtual platform. Click on any stream, or Copy and paste
the ur! into yer browser address window to preview any stream
The latest updated OSWRS radio can always be found at one of these regions in
Opensim. They are all Full permission, and free to "take copy".


lfgrid.com:8002:paramour shopping


I can be contacted personally in the following Instant messengers

Wire - shawnkmaloney@gmail.com

Skype - shawnkmaloney@gmail.com

Google Hangouts - shawnkmaloney@gmail.com

Telegram - hawnkmaloney@gmail.com


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