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Hello! just new here!

Here are some of my works.. all are out of my photos..

Yellow flowers


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    I would like to share my work with my photos here. I do all combining my own photos. I don't know it the right place is collections or photo albums. Sometimes, I would like to write about short story related to the piece..

    This one is from Antalya. I was a speaker at IT Summit held at Mediterranean University. We were having spare time at our hotel. One of the room's wall near lobby had snail shells on it. Took the photo of it and combined with others I took during day. The tulips were from a p...  more
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    My second day here.. now in am trying to write from mobile on a chrome browser.

    I decided to use apps on a browser on my mobile and desktop. Much easier for me.

    It is hard to use Home tab on mobile on chrome browser. I try to go down to see last posts while doing that at some point it goes up without me wanting it.

    I don't have tiny fingers. My punch is big too.. I remember one saying 'your punch shows the size of your heart' so I have a big heart..

    So while trying to move around ...  more
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    let's test..
    Collage out of my photos