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Seriously, you can have a vegan group anywhere you want, or a keto group where you post your salad. 



  • Christof Harper
  • Christof Harper
    From Ketofest 2018. The ketogenic diet will never be adopted by the powers that be because billions in profit would be lost by huge contributors. Therefore, it must be a grass-roots movement. Here's how we can make that happen.
  • Christof Harper
    70 days. Doing pretty good.

    The basics: I'm 70-80% off chronic asthma medications. that's pretty amazing since there are a lot of other environmental factors involved that exacerbate asthma.

    I am at 247 pounds, down from 279. (male, 5'10", some previous powerlifting).

    Details on weight loss:

    Weight loss is actually a bit slow and stalls from time to time. As previously noted, it stalls when I don't eat enough...fat. You simply MUST get enough food and enough fat on this way of eating.

    I'm n...  more
  • Christof Harper
    my previous day 35, 7 week post from another site

    I am going for the full 90 days at this point, no need to change. I have no particular endpoint in sight right now, in fact, but I will try to keep weekly updates going at least that long.

    recent experiences with commercial food:

    itchies, some joint stiffness. possible common factors are “ingredients” and oxidation of meat leading to histamine formation.

    quality of food does matter, I’ll get into that more later. This doesn’t mean you need gr...  more