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Traditional Wet Shaving

Rediscovering the pleasure of wet shaving with straight or DE blade razors. Also see my webpage on this topic at Traditional Wet Shaving webpage.

It is being run as a Collection which means only I am posting but anyone is free to comment and discuss the posts as long as it stays on the topic of the post.

Out of long experience this has shown me to be the most focussed way of obtaining relevant interesting news without lots of spam and off topic chatter. I have no intention of spending time moderating a social Community. I've previously had over 500,000 followers on G+ and they followed because posts stayed strictly on topic. I hope people will appreciate that here and if you'd rather do social chat there will be other Groups for that. I honestly can't find time to do news as well as moderate lots of other posts that I have not researched myself.



  • Danie van der Merwe
  • Danie van der Merwe
    Why Is Shaving With A Safety Razor Better?

    Back in the day (before triple venti no foam lattes and cloud computing), things were simple, and simple worked well. The DE safety razor itself was a beautifully sculpted tool that was meant to last a lifetime (or two). It reflected the integrity and purposefulness of the man who used it. So, it is no wonder that our modern age is longing to rediscover wet shaving.

    Traditional Wet Shaving with a safety razor is one of the best ways to shave, hands do...  more
  • Danie van der Merwe
    What Is The Best New Twist To Open Butterfly Razor? [Analysis]

    Twist to open “butterfly” double edge razors are not only convenient to use but they also have a place in cultural history: ask a random person on the street to describe an “old fashioned safety razor” and the odds are they’ll say something like ‘oh, that razor where the top doors opened up to change a blade with.’ With the right kind of razor blade storage magazine, blade changing can be a completely hands-off process.

    The twist ...  more
  • Danie van der Merwe
    Whats Menthol And Why Is It In My Shaving Stuff?

    Menthol is an organic compound obtained from mint oils (or it can be made synthetically). It is a waxy, crystalline substance, clear or white in color, solid at room temperature and melts slightly above. Natural menthol is obtained by freezing peppermint oil. The resultant crystals of menthol are then separated by filtration.

    Menthol is a monoterpene. Terpenes and terpenoids are a group of compounds in plants responsible for scent and taste. Th...  more
  • Danie van der Merwe
    “Traditional Razors provide great Shaves but minimal Profits” - They're just no good for mass marketing companies as standardised blades are way too cheap for big profit margins

    Most people assume traditional safety razors are obsolete, difficult to use and provide inferior shaves relative to modern, multi-blade cartridge razors. This is not surprising considering that such razors are no longer widely available — and haven’t been for some time. But what isn’t obvious is that these products wer...  more
  • Danie van der Merwe
    When Is The Best Time To Shave Your Face? Maybe its time to consider switching from the "standard" morning shave

    Most men shave as part of their morning routine simply out of habit. It’s what their dad taught them to do, and their dad before them. But, have you ever actually sat and wondered, when is the best time to shave your face?

    The linked article below takes a look at some things you may not have considered before, and you why you may want to decide to try shaving at night, and why you m...  more
  • Danie van der Merwe
    What Is Bay Rum And Why is it in My Shaving Stuff?

    When it comes to the most traditional scents, one can rarely have a conversation without bringing up the term “Bay Rum.” For those of you who don’t know, Bay Rum has been a popular scent throughout shaving history but lost interest as we made the transition to cartridge and electric razors for more modern scents.

    Today there has been a resurgence of Bay Rum scented products because of the popularity of classic wet shaving and the interest of y...  more
  • Danie van der Merwe
    The problem with shaving: razor rash and how to avoid it by using a traditional safety razor

    Razor Rash is a term that encompasses a number of symptoms, first and foremost among which is ingrown hairs. These are caused when newly cut hairs grow into the hair follicle, rather than out of it. This process brings about redness, bumps, and swellings which are unsightly as well as painful. It’s something that can affect any and all hair types, but is particularly prevalent in those with curly facial...  more
  • Danie van der Merwe
    APOLLO Stainless Steel Safety Razor - Sorry but a plastic Gillette multi-blade cartridge razor just does not compare to a solid stainless steel quality engineered safety razor!

    I get goosebumps just looking at this razor... it's going to last multiple lifetimes and give plenty of satisfaction with every shave. Well, we still have to see the shaving test but I have a good feeling about this razor. It has a reversible head for choice between smooth and aggressive shaving.

    Watch at https://youtu....  more
    Get it Here: http://bit.ly/ApolloRazorSN Please purchase from https://shavenation.com/ and use the links below to support my channel so that I can keep making these videos.
    Thank you! Geo.

    Shaving Gear Used in this Video:
    APOLLO Safety Razor: http://bit.ly/ApolloRazorSN
    Feather DE Blades: http://bit.ly/FeatherDEblades
    Shave Nation Coffee Mug:...
  • Danie van der Merwe
    Safety Razor vs Gillette Cartridge: Should You Continue Using That Multi-Blade Cartridge?

    For years now big brands like Gillette have dominated the shaving market with smart marketing. This has resulted in a multi-billion dollar industry that continues to grow every year.

    Another product making a comeback is the safety razor thanks to Vloggers like GeoFatBoy and Nick Shaves who educate their viewers on the right wet shaving techniques.

    Despite the resurgent popularity a lot of people still do...  more
  • Danie van der Merwe
    Single Blade Razors With A Pivot?

    After years of single blade razors with a rigid head, and multi-blade razors with pivots, there is now an upstart group of razors that have a single blade and a pivot. Could it be the best of both worlds?

    If there is one thing that transitioning to shaving with a double edge (DE) razor ten years ago did for me, it is to show me that I don’t need a multi-blade cartridge that vibrates like a marital aid to get a great shave. A single blade gives me great results...  more
  • Danie van der Merwe
    What Is Sandalwood And Why Is It In My Shaving Stuff?

    Sandalwood is not a single scent or even a single plant. Sandalwood is a class of woods from [slow-growing] trees in the genus Santalum. The woods are heavy, yellow, and fine-grained, and unlike many other aromatic woods, they retain their fragrance for decades.

    However, what most people think of as “genuine” Sandalwood is Santalum album, a threatened species indigenous mainly in southern India. Although most genuine Sandalwood trees have a...  more
  • Danie van der Merwe
    Has The World Been Duped by “Big Razor, Inc.”? Is Less More? The problem is widespread education in the art of wet shaving without billion dollar ad budgets

    Since the inception of the original safety razor patents, Big Razor has sought to secure its market dominance by maintaining a very effective moat around its products. This moat includes consumer over-education, patent protection and broad-scale distribution.

    Once the original patents on the safety razor expired in 1921, Big Razor had no c...  more