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My biggest passion - anything relating to general technology and gadgets... This is a blog of my tech news articles that I find interesting and I curate them to stay on topic with about 2 to 3 posts per day. It is being run as a Collection which means only I am posting but anyone is free to comment and discuss the posts as long as it stays on the topic of the post.
Out of long experience this has shown me to be the most focussed way of obtaining relevant interesting news without lots of spam and off topic chatter. I have no intention of spending time moderating a social Community. I've previously had over 500,000 followers on G+ and they followed because posts stayed strictly on topic. I hope people will appreciate that here and if you'd rather do social chat there will be other Groups for that. I honestly can't find time to do news as well as moderate lots of other posts that I have not researched myself.



  • Danie van der Merwe
  • Danie van der Merwe
    "I charged $18,000 for a Static HTML Page... and got away with it" - It's not just clueless clients but also often the bureaucracy within big corporates

    Interesting story at the linked article and although the quote was reasonable the corporate bureaucracy and time wasting ends up costing that much. I've seen this horrific wastage myself before and its often due to the roleplayers having no clue what static webpages generally cost, and then also not realising what their internal paperwork adds ...  more
  • Danie van der Merwe
    The MB1 SDR HF/6M/VHF Ham Radio Transceiver runs Windows10 - Roll on Vulnerabilities, Forced Reboots after Updates, End of Support, and Blue Screen of Death for Ham Radio now?

    It's nice that you don't need a computer plus a radio, and I know ham radio breaks new ground with new technology and modes, but you invest a lot in a good radio and I'm just wondering if this is not taking things too far along a road not known for its rock-solid stability as GUI computer OSs tend to run out of support af...  more
    This is MOST IMPRESSIVE! I think it is the Elecraft K4 KILLER.A full SDR for HF, 6M and VHF with a Windows 10 Core i7 PC built in. So many features on this radio, a complete review should be done in the future.
  • Danie van der Merwe
    Google has been tracking nearly everything you buy online — see for yourself with this tool - The "Transparency" is Great but why are they tracking my non-Google purchases?

    Google has been quietly keeping track of nearly every single online purchase you’ve ever made, thanks to purchase receipts sent to your personal Gmail account, according to a new report today from CNBC. Even stranger: this information is made available to you via a private web tool that’s been active for an indeterminate amo...  more
  • Danie van der Merwe
    Good heavens, is it time to patch Cisco kit again? Prime Infrastructure root privileges hole plugged... Better be careful or the US Administration will ban them next as a security risk

    Among a bumper crop of 57 security issues Cisco divulged on Wednesday was a fix for a trio of vulns, one critical, in networks management tool Prime Infrastructure. The latter potentially allows unauthenticated miscreants to execute arbitrary code with root privileges on PI devices.

    The updates come just two day...  more
  • Danie van der Merwe
    Your internet data is rotting - If MySpace could recently lose 50 million files, where will your memories be in 10 years time?

    Many MySpace users were dismayed to discover earlier this year that the social media platform lost 50 million files uploaded between 2003 and 2015.

    The failure of MySpace to care for and preserve its users’ content should serve as a reminder that relying on free third-party services can be risky. MySpace has probably preserved the users’ data; it just lost their conten...  more
  • Danie van der Merwe
    How to take a scrolling screenshot on Windows 10 using PicPick

    PicPick is free for individual use and it does the job really well. It has auto scroll which means you only have to start taking a screenshot, and tell the app when to stop. Note it is not open source software and is Windows only - not my favourite choices at all but could be useful.

    See https://www.addictivetips.com/windows-tips/take-a-scrolling-screenshot-on-windows-10/

    #pickpick #screenshot
  • Danie van der Merwe
    Google’s K-2 reading practice app Rivet adds smartphone support and leaves Beta

    Rivet now works well on most Android devices and offers more than 1,500 free books for kids to practice reading. The UI is child-friendly and exempt from unnecessary buttons or menus. While reading, youngsters can swipe through pages and tap on any word to hear it out loud. They can even get its definition and practice pronunciation very intuitively. Plus, parents can track their nipper's progression through activit...  more
  • Danie van der Merwe
    High frequency (HF) radio "essential" in an emergency: amateur operators

    If disaster strikes in the US northwest, amateur radio operators like Woody Linton are ready to spring into action.

    During disasters, communication lines are the first thing to break down, Linton said — bad news for emergency responders. That’s why a new high-frequency radio station recently installed at the City of Kenora Fire Station One’s emergency operations centre is so vital, Linton said.

    Linton is a member of the ...  more
  • Danie van der Merwe
    How to check if your WhatsApp has been hacked

    WhatsApp recently confirmed that a dangerous voice call exploit allowed malicious parties to load NSO Group’s Pegasus spyware onto Android and iOS devices.

    The exploit allows hackers to install spyware on a person’s phone through an infected WhatsApp voice call, even if they do not answer the call.

    “A buffer overflow vulnerability in WhatsApp VOIP stack allowed remote code execution via specially crafted series of SRTCP packets sent to a target ph...  more
  • Danie van der Merwe
    Local non-governmental organisation (NGO) Grassroot is making use of technology to enable participatory democracy in SA

    Grassroot's set of simple tools, available through any type of phone, allows community members to interact with government, organisations or even other stakeholders. This includes the arrangement of large-scale meetings, identification of volunteers and even taking community votes. The platform has over 300 000 users and a few thousand activities run through it per month with ...  more
  • Danie van der Merwe
    Google tests automatic car crash detection for the Pixels on Android Q

    While the strings hint towards automatic detection of a car crash, it is unclear how exactly such detection would be achieved. Google could resort to using data from the accelerometer and the microphone, but even this may not be fool-proof with its detection. The strings also do not reveal what happens once a crash is detected — we’re guessing the app could alert first responders or the listed emergency contacts on the phone...  more
  • Danie van der Merwe
    Google warns that ADB backup and restore may be removed in a future Android release - I'm worrying Android is moving toward iOS lockdown and that was why I left iOS for Android...

    Setting up a new Android phone has gotten a lot easier over the years. Android Oreo‘s Autofill feature has made it much easier to sign in to all your apps, and some apps even carry over all your preferences too. Switching between phones from the same OEM is especially easy as most have their own backup and restore too...  more