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TransandGentle social club

All transgender people (however the individual defines it themselves) and their allies/supporters and LGBTQ are welcome to join this community.
This is intended as a magazine style group - all and any every aspect of everyday life, current events, lifestyle subjects are encouraged. General conversation is welcome in this group. Politics is also fine in this group, but no hate, and respect the individual even if you do not share their views. Normalising Trans means we dont have to be single issue. Talk about anything on your mind.
There is a group on Rabb.it for a TV/Movies/Documentary sharing, which also facilitates voice/video/text chat. https://www.rabb.it/s/47im8p
There is a perminent jitsi voice/video room that can be accessed here https://meet.jit.si/Transandgentlesocial. All media rooms are to be considered that real life social norms apply. So no getting your junk out, ok.
~ No porn pictures please - there are plenty of groups for that elsewhere. Keep it classy.
~So far as the chat is concerned, naughty pictures will be tolerated so long as it dosnt get out of control, but the explicit ones will be deleted after a while.
This is a public group - If need be, and there a demand for it, we can create a private group too and use this as a gateway to that. ********
<strong><strong>#introductions #general #Hobbies #watching #listening #Trans_issues #group</strong></strong>
******** a social group that normalises being trans, its just life, so enjoy


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