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Erotic writings

This group will be for erotic stories, NSFW almost certainly, if you are easily offended by sexual imagery in writing please do not sign up.  
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  • Moontanman
    Patty's story part 3

    Part Three

    Six weeks had passed since Patty found out that Cindy was an EnGen, six weeks since Patty had found out what an EnGen was. Cindy had proven to be a handful, she was incapable of reading, or at least had no interest in reading. Nor did she respond to pictures unless they were pictures of sex. Sex was her entire world, it was how she communicated, sex was all she knew how to do and all she was interested in. Cindy was basically an eighteen-year-old sex fiend, al...  more
  • Moontanman
    Patty's story part 2

    Part two
    The next few days revealed some startling things about Cindy and maybe even Patty. Cindy seemed to have an almost pathological oral fixation, Patty’s body was soon covered with tiny red suction marks left by Cindy. Patty’s nipples began to get so raw she had to restrict the time Cindy was allowed to suckle. But Patty’s clitoris was Cindy’s main object of sucking desire. Patty had to limit her to three times a day just to be able to stand the orgasms generated by C...  more
  • Moontanman
    New post three part story of a slave girl in a dystopian future ruled by the oligarchy...

    Patty’s Story, part one...

    Patty was pacing the room, tonight had been a very special night. Her Master had brought her a present, a wondrous present. Patty didn’t understand why Master had decided she needed such a gift. But the gift opened a most wonderful set of possibilities. Master had owned Patty since she was 18. Over the years she had become totally devoted to being Masters sex slave, Master was ...  more
  • Moontanman

    Cool and wet, in the light of the cold white moon
    Clothed only in the phosphorescent waters glow
    Where am I? Only the night birds and the fishes know
    Near by a gull, disturbed by my swim, sings his raucous tune

    The water flows over me like a lovers caress
    Onward I drift, with the tides salty stream
    Unfettered, my mind begins an oddly familiar dream
    A woman appears, standing, like me she is without dress

    She dives into the shallow inlets flow
    And reappears, glowing with an inne...  more