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What you can't post and the consequences

YouMe Social is a human monitored site. What that means is that the moderators have unrestricted access to all content published on our site. Although we value your privacy, we do need to ensure that the content shared is not illegal or obscene.
Find out what you can't share on the site.


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  • Jamez Frondeskias
  • Jamez Frondeskias
    What can't you share on YouMe Social?

    Below are some of the things you can not share on YouMe Social and the consequences if you do.

    1. Child porn
    This will result in your profile being blocked and disabled across the entire site and your details submitted to the appropriate law enforcement agency. 

    2. Porn in general
    Frontal nudity is not permitted nor people in sexual positions. The ONLY exemptions to this is if it is a piece of art and a good example of this is Michelangelo's statue of Dav...  more