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Unbelievable Atheists

Welcome to UA.....
What is the purpose of this group?
> An extension of the G+ 'Blaspemy' group..
Here is a place for every unbelievable unbeliever. believe it or god.. oops... not...
Ok, people. This should be our Atheist Safe Haven on the MeWe network..
What's the difference with the G+ blasphemy community?
> Unlike the 'blasphemy' community on G+, which was mainly for lulze and memes, this is a forum from and for atheist, but with a certain goal. It is also our project to show the tolerance we do have for other (non)beliefs than our own, which so many religious groups are lacking.
All things Theological or A-theological can be posted and discussed in here...
So, fellow unbelievers, this is your special space, use it as you see fit..
Theists are also welcome to join, but remember this is an atheist group/space, so keep it 'civil'!  
WE do not exclude anyone to join based on their beliefs, how ridiculous they might seem....
Have fun..
-Carlo, the doc of crap.. ????


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