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BLU Development Team

Welcome everyone, to the home of the BLU Development Team!
This community is dedicated to anyone who owns a device made ​​by BLU.
We are here to help in any way we can, so do not hesitate to ask questions.
*This community is not affiliated with the company BLU Products.*
For complaints/suggestions, please visit: www.bluproducts.com/

- Show respect at all times
- Please post in English(if your English isn't very well, post your English translation AND your native language)
- Read everything you can about your device before writing something
- Please post in the correct category
- Do not spam or mess up the community! We will ban you if we need to
- Do not share or link firmwares or recoverys without consent of developer or persons making available
Member Code of Conduct Community BLU Products Development Team
This document establishes rules of conduct directed at members of the BLU Products Development Team community.
Art. 1 - The community member BLU Products Development Team is committed to act with civility with the other members, respecting their differences without any form of discrimination.
Art. 2 - Respect the rules of the community and the guidelines issued by moderation are essential to stay member in the community.
Art. 3 - You will be subject to a ban on the member:
I - promote piracy:
a) requesting, citing or publishing applications or site that promotes;
b) requesting, citing procedure or disseminating or tutorial that promote, like any lies the in-app purchases and
c) performing any other act that facilitates its spread;
II - harass member, including bullying practices;
III - assaulting any member verbally, physically or threats practice within the community or outside due to acts committed in the community;
IV - promote or take any other action deemed illegal by the nationalist legal order and
V - insist on the performance of acts discouraged by Temperance, acting in violation of the organization and guidelines established within the community.
Single paragraph.
The member who witness any misconduct should immediately report it to effectively Moderation of YouMe Social Moderators or direct references to Moderators , otherwise, you may be considered complicit in the act and also subject to removal from BDT or YouMe Social.
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