If two candidates are running for office and you had difficulty making a final decision, would it make a difference to you if one of them was a dog lover and traveled with their dog throughout the campaign?

Posted by Jill H in Default Category on March 03 2019  ·  Public
It wouldn't have any impact in a close election.
32 votes
a person who loves animals as family is decent all others suspect.
7 votes
Absolutely! Dog people are down to earth and trustworthy.
4 votes
This calls to mind Mitt Romney, driving around with the family dog on the roof of the vehicle in a dog crate. So, technically, he could appear to be a "dog person" but in fact, he was a callous psychopath.
2 votes
A dog? No way. I only vote for cat lovers.
0 vote
Cat or other felidae.
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