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  • Marian J.Lindsey
    Sold! All very good reasons to love Good Chocolate. My Mother introduced me to real good chocolate and I though milk chocolate was the worse thing ever! I started eating the semi ok chocolate.. but eventually over time, garbage really. Full of yucky stuff and sugar. I'm gonna try sticking to Good dark chocolate 80-85. & Coffee or tea. #1) Small amounts of quality chocolate fight the aging process. Cacao, the main ingredient in dark chocolate, is a plant. As such, it naturally contains a class o...  more
  • Marian J.Lindsey
    So my Mother-In-Law (like her parents before her) is a serious Gardener which is probably why most of the Family ended up in Landscaping and Farming. They just know everything about weather, soil, just everything. She's taught me so much! I never knew to use peroxide in gardening or Neem oil. Well I used both. Indoor plants, I've used peroxide to save a dying plant someone discarded at my granddaughter's school. It was sitting near the garbage and the receptionist said it was going to be thrown ...  more


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