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  • Alicia Smith
    Nyoongar language is highly adaptable and flexible – so while the old people may not have had chairs, they had the word for sit, and the suffix that meant “thing for”. A word for chair and other modern conveniences can easily be obtained this way. Other words have come along in this living, vibrant language. For example, the word for car draws on the strengths of the language in picking up sound from the environment. Anyone who’s tried to start a recalcitrant engine with a dodgy battery on a col...  more
  • Alicia Smith
    5 words to do with soil and land requested by fred_mouse on Dreamwidth

    When you study Nyoongar, the sense of country - of boodjar - resonates and permeates through language and your sense of place within it.

    One word that I find particularly evocative and that I've probably mentioned fairly recently is

    Kwongkan - Kwongan. Follow the wikipedia link to learn more about this, well, sandy area of low shrubs, easy passage between hills with the odd tree. Soun...  more
  • Alicia Smith
    Well, I've been having something of a culinary time recently - we spent the weekend before last down at the Truffle Kerfuffle in Manjimup. It was very nice to have tents (no, not the silly teepee style ones with the fairy lights) set up for us with fuzzy bedsocks laid out for us on the bed on arrival. The rain was ever present but with marquees and sturdy tents it was all fine.

    Plenty of delicious local produce, truffles and on the Sunday we bought up pumpkins and this and that,and some cheese...  more