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  • John Victor
    For the first time since March I was able to make a Star Trek Attack Wing tournament.

    Because of illness and important commitments happening to land on our OP weekends, I've missed a ton and got pretty out of practice. I even forgot that we build to 130 points now, and arrived with a 120 point fleet using the old rules. Luckily our players are awesome and I got some last minute help to put a full fleet together.

    Since WizKids hasn't put out an official OP in a while, we've been doing our own m...  more
  • John Victor
    Got in two 5 player games last night: **Bunny Kingdom** and **The Quacks of Quedlinburg**

    Marched my bunny army into the **Kingdom**. Scores were actually moderate compared to our other 5-player games. Probably because we were introducing it to one of our players, and the rest of us were getting pretty terrible draws. I ended up in 4th, but 1st-4th were very competitive. Our player in last just took it as a learning game and was quite happy with how it plays, even when we sort of threw him into...  more
  • John Victor
    Spent the weekend helping out my LGS at StocktonCon.

    The first day was really slow as we didn't get much sold, or get to play many games. What especially hurt was that we got a smaller space this year, and they had put our tables in front of where our shelves would be. We hadn't considered that when people were sitting at the tables, others could get through to our shelves. It also didn't help that people constantly used our tables as a place to sit and eat, even when we have signs saying they'...  more
  • John Victor
    Last week got in three player games of **Pulsar 2849** and **Dragon Castle**

    Only my second play of **Pulsar** and I'd forgotten how action starved this game is. It's so important to get extra dice as often as possible. Even if the number isn't optimal, it's usually worth getting at least something, unless you really need to save extra dice (like on your personal tech tree) for another round.

    I'll also remember how important it is to focus on just a couple of scoring methods. There are so many...  more
  • Alicia Smith

    So I don't know whether to be horrified or not..

    If you want to buy the boardgame Extractor, here's the link, but if you want to buy the original game Squatter that this is based on here's its link too. I must admit to some curiousity as to the differences in play...