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  • Danie van der Merwe
    George Clooney for United to Defeat Untruthful Misinformation And Support Science (UDUMASS) - With all the Information we have available today are we Dumber than ever before?

    We have way more information today, more quickly available, to many more people than ever before in our history. We should be the brightest and best-informed humans that ever lived on Earth. Yet we seem to have really conflicting ideas on health issues, diet issues, shooting up schools, abortions, climate change, gender ri...  more
    According to a new report from the United Nations, our planet is in worse shape than at any other time in human history. The Trump Administration has done everything they can to do nothing about climate change. They just don’t listen to scientists. A lot of people don’t. Scientific fact is suddenly seen as some kind of partisan scare tactic. It endangers us all, so George Clooney is...