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  • Danie van der Merwe
    10 of the Best-Selling Books in History (Minus Religious Texts) - includes a cooking book and an Agatha Christie novel

    With the understanding that the definition of a book is difficult; data is often impossible to confirm; that religious books like the Bible and Qur’an will be excluded; and that this list is not exhaustive, complete, or even a "top 10," these are candidates for some of the best-selling books in history.


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  • Danie van der Merwe
    Alexander Chee’s Lovely Letter to Children About How Books Save Us - Books can be so many things to so many people

    “A book to me is like a friend, a shelter, advice, an argument with someone who cares enough to argue with me for a better answer than the one we both already have.”

    Chee tells the story of the singular role books played in his self-creation in his lovely contribution to A Velocity of Being: Letters to a Young Reader (public library) — a labor of love eight years in the making, co...  more
  • Danie van der Merwe
    6 Benefits of Reading Every Day - Even if it is printed on paper

    Reading is good for more than just entertainment. Committing part of everyday to reading printed books can make you a smarter, kinder, more relaxed individual. And the positive effects can be felt at any age: Even before they’ve fully developed their reading skills, kids can benefit from having access to printed materials and being read to on a regular basis. Exposing kids to books, magazines, and more at an early age is a great w...  more
  • Danie van der Merwe
    New app takes African short stories to the world

    A new local app hopes to give African writers global exposure by connecting them with literature fanatics in SA, US and the UK.

    Storytelling app BookBeak says it is the first African app-based platform to aggregate African short stories from published, unpublished and self-published writers and serve them to a global audience.

    The app consists of adventure-filled short stories for both kids and adults in diverse genres. It also allows parents t...  more