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  • Dave Higgins
    What are the advantages of getting a computer game via #Steam or via #GoG rather than direct from the creators?

    Clearly, where the creators choose to only have a game for sale from certain places, one gets it from one of them; and Steam/GoG are better for finding games one didn't know exist than random chancing across a creator. However, if one already knows a game exists and can purchase it direct from the creator, what advantage is there to getting it via Steam or GoG?

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  • Danie van der Merwe
    Here's the Biggest Steam Engine in the World Going on a Test Run For the First Time in Nearly 60 Years - Weighing in at over a million pounds producing 6,300 horsepower

    Union Pacific 4014, also known as the one of the only 25 Big Boys ever built and only eight still in existence, is now officially the only one running in the world. Earlier we heard it blow its whistle for the first time since 1962, and yesterday evening it went for its first test run under its own power for the first time in 57...  more