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  • Danie van der Merwe
    What Are The Differences Between a Shavette vs a Straight Razor, and Tips On Shaving With Shavette

    Specifically, a shavette is a shaving tool with a disposable blade, either it’s a fixed or a folding blade which looks similar to a straight razor if put it on the table, but the only difference a shavette has is, it has a small tiny slot to slide in your shaving blade in it at the front edge. Unlike a straight razor with which you have to take care of its fixed blade the shavette does not require...  more
  • Danie van der Merwe
    A Brutally Honest Account of One Man's Journey to the Dark Side of Straight Razor Shaving

    Some may think safety razor shaving is a brave thing to do but it is perfectly ordinary compared to straight razor shaving. Straight razor shaving is not for sissies and once mastered (no I have not mastered it) it must be very satisfying. Imagine, one blade for life! The ultimate in environmentally friendly shaving...

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