• Memory
    Last posted by Oyasan on August 21 2019
    I just read an article about a search how to improve memory by Stanford University's profs. They are saying multitasking blocks the memory and helps us to forget things. They also are saying to...
  • Thoughts
    Last posted by Oyasan on August 20 2019
    My own opinions about federation: At first look, I thought this was a great idea. Never thought about running my own pod, I will never. ever do that. It is not an easy job and there are lots of...
  • Difficult Times
    Last posted by Sundaran Kannadath on March 11 2019
    #DifficultTimesThese days we need more Cooks and more Lessons to get through each day.From Can't and Won't by Lydia DavisThe Cook’s Lessonstory from FlaubertToday I have learned a...