My own opinions about federation:
At first look, I thought this was a great idea. Never thought about running my own pod, I will never. ever do that. It is not an easy job and there are lots of responsibilities. It is not that I am moving away from those responsibilities, but scare to move away other's responsibilities. Many says posting in federation is 'freedom' sorry to say that I never felt that freedom. Moreover, while running own pod I saw it is hard to give freedom to everybody. So what is the point of it? to do that huge job running a pod? While I can't even post an image with my signature on it? I think it is bunch of baloney sorry to say that it is same as Facebook, may be Facebook users are there too. I still have some accounts, and trying to be active on those for training purposes.
I don't know how this place will end up, for the sake of images I don't believe there will be any difference.
I read one person's profile a few days ago, that he/she were sharing photos to make people happy. Yup! while sharing I believe every one of us thinking that way. But afterwards, facing with some stupid ideas and doings there is a big possibility to stop. Stopping is not an easy decision for me, because it is against my goal. Not planning to say what is my goal.
If I come across those people here at least I may have chance to block and move forward.
I'm not waiting from everyone to like my images. I myself don't like every images on internet. I'm not waiting from everyone to show their like, me too sometimes I don't show it.
I'm not asking anyone to follow me, I follow back people who follows me.
So, some jerks just to gain something for themselves follow, at least here I will have chance to block and move forward.
Yes, I'm not happy to be in the federation and yes I'm so mad, because nobody did anything about it, only liking my image with flowers on it saying sorry don't solve the problem.
I'm using internet since 1989, and perfectly know it is not easy to use social media as a Turkish woman, I don't care! I try to move forward.
Posted in Philosophy on August 13 2019

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