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Background is based in Greece and our server is located in London, UK - both of which are in the European Union. As such, we are bound by the European Union's General Data Protection Regulation [GDPR] which you can read the actual legislation in full here or the simplified user-friendly version here: . Both of these are official EU documents.
The EU's GDPR is the world's strongest privacy regulation and provides specific rights to individuals, including how your personal data is being used, obtaining the personal data held, request your data to be completely removed etc.
Information we require from you and how it is used
When you register on we ask you for specific details including your name, a username, gender, date of birth, your timezone, a photo/image and your email address.
Why do we ask for this information?
The information is used to create your profile within and help distinguish you from other users. 
1. Your name which can be either your real name or a generic name you use online is what your profile will be identified to others as.
2. Your username is for your own profile link e.g., which makes it easier to share elsewhere if you so wish.
3. Your gender question has three options - male, female, undefined. 
4. Your date of birth. Our site is restricted to people who are 13 years old or above, which is the norm for all websites.  However we will only display your day and month on your profile and not your year. We require this for a number of reasons, including ensuring one is 13 and above, as a security question if we need to ID you later, if law enforcement require access to your data, in some countries we are required to obtain full date of births etc. Please note that we will NOT ask you to confirm your date of birth.
5. Timezone is to allow for posts and comments to be correctly timestamped to where you are. E.g., if you live in Texas you don't want to see your posts/comments coming up with London's times.
6. Photo/Image is for your profile's avatar. This can be your real photo or any other image you wish to use.
7. Your email address is to complete the registration via the confirmation email as well as to liaise with you if required.
How will we use your personal details?
At we value your privacy. We will never sell or distribute your personal details, nor will we allow third party bodies [e.g., advertisers] to have access to your personal details or your data. The only time we will give out your details is if we receive a court order asking for that information and then only if we believe it is justified. We will inform you if such a request is received.
Your information is strictly used to authenticate you as a member of and to allow you to log in and use our services. It is not used for any other purpose, whether its for marketing, data mining etc.
What if you allow third party advertising, what are our rights?
IF we ever introduce advertising to our site, the advertising party will need to provide us with the following information:
1. What data they will need to access to
2. How and for what purpose it will be used
3. Are they compliant with the EU's GDPR
4. Will they on-sell or distribute that information
This list may be increased. The information that they need access to, will then be advised to all members and the reason why, by us prior to accepting them.
However we do not have any intention at present to accept advertising from any third party. IF we ever decide to go down that path, we will advise all members at least 30 days prior to initiating that step via email.
How long do we keep your data?
We only maintain your data for the duration of you being a member of our site. Your data will be deleted within 24 hours of you requesting the deletion of your profile. If you delete your profile, your data will be deleted as well. If you decide to rejoin or delete your profile in error, we will not be able to retrieve your information and you will need to establish a brand new profile and start afresh. Please note that if you post content that is publicly view-able, search engines may take longer to remove your content. This is something we have no control over.
How much privacy can I have with my profile, posts etc?
We offer three level of privacy here at which are Everyone, Friends only and Me only. More details are available here:
Who has access to our data at present?
Like every website, the hosting company has access to your data. This is the reason our server is based in London, UK, as they are also covered by the EU's GDPR and must be compliant.
At, the owner - Jamez Frondeskias - has access to your data
The developers have access to the site but are restricted as to what they can "see" in the site. They are also limited in terms of access to the time frame needed to do upgrades/maintenance/etc and then their access is revoked. They also are bound by the EU's GDPR.
What can you do if you are not happy or have queries regarding our Privacy Policy?
The process is established by the EU's GDPR.
First step is to email from your registered email account with us and include your username as well. We recommend your email content to be in English. Our response will also be in English. Tell us what your query is and we will respond within seven [7] days, however depending on the query we may take up to thirty [30] days as required by the European Union's GDPR.
The more detail you provide in your email, the faster the response.
If you are not happy with the outcome, you can then escalate the matter to your local/national data protection body.
For those in the EU, you can find your local data protection office details here:
For those outside the EU, please contact your relevant local body.
Questions about the Privacy Policy? Please email me at
Jamez Frondeskias
Dated 13th January 2019.
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