Funding of YouMe Social et al

Funding of YouMe Social
I am sharing this because people keep asking "how is YouMe Social funded?" and this is despite it being in the FAQ section. I would strongly recommend everyone takes the time to go through the FAQ as there are a lot of questions answered there, and it is being expanded.
YouMe Social is funded 100% out of private funds - my own. There is no venture capitalist behind it, no borrowed money. There are a few close people who know the amount I am spending on the site, but for everyone, its a six-digit figure in US dollars. It is money that I have in an account specifically for the site. If it fails, I lose the money however it is no big deal from my perspective. 
For the record - I am not filthy rich but am comfortable and have other funds both in Greece and Australia, as well as a number of investment properties. Thus investing that money into YouMe Social is a gamble with a risk of loss, but can live if it fails.
Advertising on YouMe Social
There will be NO external advertising on YouMe Social. What do I mean by "external advertising"? You won't see adverts from clothing shops or third party sites. However, as stated earlier this week, there is something new coming but not here on YouMe Social. [You are probably thinking "WTF"? .. more later, promise]. 
Data Mining of members
Absolutely not! Your data is literally your data. So selling or passing on your personal details to anyone is not going to happen. You can also help by ensuring you don't post publicly any personal information, and for that, I can't be held responsible. 
The future of YouMe Social
The cost of keeping YouMe Social active is not a lot, so as far as I am concerned, it will be online for quite a few years. So no fear of it shutting down as long as there are active members on the site. You can help with that by posting and inviting people to join. I will say that there are some people who are on here, don't post, don't comment yet criticise the site on other sites as being a "dead zone".
Now, what to expect in the future.
I am of the belief that one must crawl before one walks, one walks before they run. So the site will evolve at a steady pace. I know some people want everything perfect from day 1, however that isn't going to happen. The intent of the site was to make a launch in June 2019 when Google+ was being "killed" in August 2019. Them bringing the date forward basically screwed the timeline, and thus why it was launched early.
Even so, we have gone from 1 user [me] on the 9th of January 2019 to over 1500 members at the time of this post - with no external advertising other than a few posts on Google+. And despite Google+ shutting down, we are still growing.
So, what can you expect in the future?
At present, new features are being added as well as resolving some issues on the site and the apps. The resolution of those issues is a priority, as you can appreciate. Your feedback and suggestions are the driving force behind these improvements, however you do need to be patient with their implementation. Further I want you all to have an input into the site, so don't be afraid if letting me know what you want. Its your site.
There will be new improved apps coming shortly as well.
There will new add on sites, and one is coming online next week. These new sites will be subscription based which will help fund them as well as provide revenue for YouMe Social. However their content will be something you guys have indirectly stated you wanted. Thus why I said "no external advertising". You will see posts promoting the other YouMe Social sites, but they will be just posts and they won't be many.
Next question you probably have is "what kind of sites". Well, wait and see.
I hope I have answered enough of your questions. But please, do check the FAQ for some answers to the questions you are raising in the posts.
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