HJ Global News (4. 13. 2019)

1.Special Feature - Heavenly USA Rally of Hope "Peace Starts with Me"

2. World News
-True Family (Pledge Service for Hansik / Memorial Service Moon Yong-soo - True Father’s elder brother)
-Heavenly Messiah activities (The March 1st Independence Movement 100th Anniversary Conference on Hope for Hyojeong Family Movements in the city of Asan / Thailand: Interfaith Leadership and Blessing Conference / Philippines: Peace and Blessing Leadership Conference / Cameroon: Blessing for Interreligious Peace / Colombia: Blessings of Tribal Messiah)
-Peace Movement (Korean Association of Religions: Interreligious Pilgrimage / Benin: Divine Principle Seminar and appointment of Ambassadors of Peace / Brazil: Seminar and Appointment of New Peace Ambassadors / International Women's Day Commemorative Events / Paraguay: International Women's Day Event / Angola, International Women's conference / Benin: International Women's Day Ceremony)
-Youth Activities (The Heavenly Japan District 5 Family Power Festival attracted 3,000 people. / Brazil YSP: Synergy Workshop "Let's live for the sake of others".)
-FFWPU News (Special prayer for victory of heavenly Korea. District 1 hope rally for the era of a heavenly unified Korea. / Taiwan: Meeting with Leaders and Visits to Churches / Zambia launches joint FFPUM activities)

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■Peace Starts with Me, Blessing America True Mother's Message (April 6, 2019)

■Peace Starts with Me, Blessing America
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